Thursday, June 23, 2011

"It's Time For Change In Ontario"

The Ontario Conservative Party has begun airing new campaign ads on Canadian television, directly targeting Dalton "The Taxman" McGuinty on taxation. These ads are very well done and should be very effective leading up to the fall Ontario election. For more ideas, I think that they should develop an ad that frequently replays Dalton's 2003 campaign commercial pledge "I will not raise your taxes". One thing is for certain, it is definitely time for change in Ontario.

1 comment:

  1. Indeed it is. Mcguinty has not just raised taxes at record levels but has also created the largest deficit with higher unemployment, poverty along with record spending all the while funnelling money to his friends (e-health).

    The remarkable incompetence in the green energy platform will have Ontarians and their businesses paying much more for hydro for a generation and will not reduce GHG at all (even if it did it would do little good). The job losses due to higher hydro rates has not even been calculated.

    Hudak is not Mr. personality so his handlers must be careful not to get sidetracked with the Lib spin. The Libs are running scared now so it is time to pounce.