Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Stephen Harper Goes To Boston

In two short hours the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins will face off for game 4 of the Stanley Cup finals in Boston and the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper will be in attendance. This is a critical game for the Canucks who were blown out in game 3 and need to reclaim control of the series. Hopefully this will help motivate the team to maximize their performance, though I'm not sure all the Canucks European players hold any reverence for Canada's democratically elected leader. Harper was good luck during the Olympics, so it can't hurt.

The Prime Minister will be paying for his trip out of his own pocket, or at least what it would cost him if he were to fly commercial. For security reasons our leader flies on government jets which will cost more than the $1000 he's putting up. This begs the question whether or not our Prime Minister should travel on commercial airlines for personal trips. That's a good idea for a poll question. Are we far enough removed from 9/11 that hijackings are no longer a concern? Airport security has improved by leaps and bounds in the past decade; so is it now fair to expect our commander and chief to fly with the rest of us?

Go Canucks!

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  1. He is the Prime minister. He can not fly commercial due to security reasons. what does it say when we can"t even afford the leader of our country; like him or not: a secured flight with proper security. I'm sure it cost a lot less for that than Air force one costs the Americans every time the president moves. I don't like Harper one bit, but this is a non issue for me!