Monday, June 6, 2011

Liberal President Wants To Distance Party From White Men

Jane Taber must have enjoyed writing this one; the President of the Liberal Party Alfred Apps is optimistic about the Party's future because they are no longer dependent on middle aged white men. Let's be honest, middle aged white men are responsible for all the world's problems and therefor it makes sense for a political party to purposefully shun this demographic. White men, the Liberals are happy that you've abandoned them because this should really help their electoral fortunes going forward. And remember, it is not all men that destroy the world, just white men, specifically middle aged. Young white men are acceptable, but once you hit 30-35 then you are a detriment to the success of any country, especially Canada.


  1. Ugh - I can't stand when these people continuously use the "old white men" nonsense. It's an excuse for a lack of anything intelligent to say.

  2. Then I hope the Liberals don't expect any votes from middle aged white men in 2015. We'll gladly take all of them :)

  3. By the way - why does it always take me three clicks to finally have my comment show up?

  4. TT, I am deliberately trying to make your life more difficult. You got me.

  5. Hmmm, isn't her partner in crime Craig Oliver an older white man? or her hero Count Ignatieff?

  6. Maybe the Globe and Mail can follow their lead and start getting rid of middle-aged white female journalists (of course, Taber probably stopped being middle-aged about 20 years ago).

  7. Did I say that you were doing it on purpose? I merely pointed out that there appears to be an error or something - that's one thing I appreciate from time to time when things have gone screwy at my place. But since you're being smart about it, forget it.

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  9. It is quite clear to me that the liberal party have already abandoned middle aged white guys, and that is why the liberal party is dead. Thinking people would know that to be a stupid move on the part of the liberals, as middle age white males have built the country and keep the economic engine of it running. Let's not forget the fact that middle aged white guys take the job of protecting our freedoms and liberties very seriously with the majority of our military personnel coming from that very demographic.

  10. Well, he can start by resigning himself. Apps is as old and white as they come.

  11. Stephen Harper is the first PM in Many years without Power Corp connections. What the political network in this country is finally doing is getting rid of the "OLD BOYS CLUB"
    (all the Power Corp related clown) that have been screwing the public in Canada for many years. Alfie sees this,and his puppeteers don't like it.

    Rob C

  12. Funny, They are about to be cut off from the public teat and the first thing they do is denounce the one segment of society that has a lot of money to donate to political parties.

  13. The Libs have relied solely on middle aged/old white, wealthy, males, and most of them lawyers to boot.

    Who recruited Ignatieff? How many of them fit the above discription? Who has led the party since confederation?

    If someone genuinely wanted to be PM and felt they had the "talent" to do it what would they do?

    They used to join the Lib party, they use their power and influence to get the middle aged, white, wealthy, male movers and shakers of the party to rally behind them and plot against those who dare get in their way.

    It is how it is done (or was done anyways). Alps forgot one thing though. They are still dependant on money. It is money they won't get. What ambitious (probably white and wealthy) figure would join the Lib party now to grab power to be PM? Toronto coucillor maybe but not PM.

    Since the connections the Lib party once enjoyed to public funds have been severed fewer powerful men will be willing to invest in this rump.

    The vote subsidy will hurt but the Libs will find the real grease is money influential people can bring in. They won't be taking the Lib calls anymore. Why would they?

  14. So now the libs are being "racist" are they? We will have to get that ditzy little page to run around Apps with the "stop" sign.
    Just for the record, I am an "old white guy" and yes WHITE is a "colour".
    Gee who the gonna recuit now for a leader the middle aged Justin of Trudeau is out?
    Who is gonna be their role model?
    Old Bob?
    Cheers Bubba ROFLMOAO

  15. As long as Apps is around the Liberals will remain in the toilet.

    Tune in to SunNewsNetwork tonight and catch Brian Lilley's one-hour special on how TV is shaping young "left-leaning" minds....before they even GET to school.

  16. Given that Apps himself is a MAWM, this attitude is awfully ... liberal ... of him.

    Reminds me of the cow at Milliways, the restaurant at the end of the universe, who was also very liberal minded.

  17. thats right libs. no blame shall be assigned to your policies or your lack of democratic values when it comes to choosing a leader, or your failure to listen to the grassroots you still have left. no, you have decided that it is a race/gneder/age issue (sort of the trifecta of human rights abuses n'est pas?).
    good riddance to the liberal party now. i swore up and down that we have not seen the end of the former natural governing party, but i see i was somewhat hasty in that opinion.


  18. Love the polls at top left.
    I read the second one: Where do you expect the NDP to turn policy wise now that they are "mainstream"?

    as having 'Left', 'Right' and 'Unhinged' as answers.I was disappointed when I realized I had mis-read it.

    The Liberals are dead because the politics of pander no longer work. The politics of emotion will work on the left. The politics of reality will increase the size of the right.

    It is still a problem that the Conservatives still feel that they need to pander. Otherwise they could easily cut $20Billion from the budget. For an example:

  19. Man, you know, the Liberal Party collectively seems like some over-stressed individual who has had one emotional overload too many and has just suffered a nervous breakdown. Sad, really.

    Karma's a bitch.