Monday, June 13, 2011

Hudak Extends Lead

That's odd. After all the fuss over the idea of having inmates clean our streets, Tim Hudak has actually increased his lead over Dalton McGuinty to a full 6% (up from 3% in January). Either "chain gang-gate" was not as toxic and divisive as some pundits pontificated, or McGuinty's own toxicity just trumps all potentially negative policy announcements by the Tories. Is it that Dalton has become so unpopular that it doesn't really made what the Tories do? Right now Hudak is more or less maintaining a lead, not growing momentum; so I won't feel comfortable until I see the McGuinty Liberals hovering around the 30% line. The wildcard in this election will be the NDP.

The bad news for Hudak is that he only has the support of 40% of the province, and we all know that all politicians need 50% + 1 for any victory to be democratically legitimate.


  1. "50% +1"? Apparently you haven't heard that there is NO number which could possibly indicate a right-wing candidate has won... ask anyone on the left or in the media.

    A more important issue will be the NDP. Nomination meetings are packed, there's a lot of momentum after May 2 carrying over. Bob Rae has become history: more than half the electorate weren't Ontario voters in 1990. And Andrea Horvath is a much more appealing leader. It would not surprise me at all to see the Ontario Liberals squeezed into third — and the odds are close to 50:50 as to whether Tim or Andrea get to govern.

  2. Just think how much easier this election would be if our candidate had some substance, huh?

    And as noted above, I hear almost no one enthused about our guy. His only significance is that he is not McGuinty.

    Horvath actually generates some enthusiasm, including from members of my family who normally vote conservative or Liberal, and who voted for Harper recently.

    I am not at all happy with our current leader, and that thing called "changebook".