Sunday, June 5, 2011

The NDP "Socialist Caucus"

Now that the NDP have suddenly become the official opposition in Canadian Parliament, their party's self described "Socialist Caucus" is making demands. There aren't any surprises on the wish list, which includes shutting down the oil sands, nationalizing our banks, boycotting "Israeli apartheid", etc. These policies and positions have appeared in past and current NDP doctrine, the question is will the party turn right or left as it springs into the "mainstream"? How much is there left to win on the left? Clearly the only place to make significant electoral gains is to shift party policy towards the center, but somehow I doubt that Jack is going to do that. You don't become more mainstream by becoming more radical. We have seen in the past that Jack's idea of compromise is getting everything he wants.

What will happen next is the NDP convention when the left wing of the NDP will try and pass resolutions on these policy matters. Layton and the party leadership do have mechanisms to kill or at least mute these resolutions. We'll see what happens.


  1. The NDP will now move more to the centre taking over the reamining left Lib votes with the right Lib votes going Cons.

  2. The NDP socialist caucus represents the true face of the NDP, one hidden from view through assistance of the MSM. It is impossible for the NDP to move to the centre and still remain the NDP. Achieving their objectives would transform Canada into another Cuba.

  3. William in Ajax said...

    Wondering when the MsM will call Jack on his parties hypocracy.
    On one hand Jack says ...a country can be broken apart with a simple 50% + 1 of the vote.

    Yet on the other Conservatives shouldn't be able to rule, with anything less than 50% + 1.

    Pure hypocracy ...the leftoid mind on display!

  4. If you have read their constitution you would see it would be hard to move any farther left without having to declare themselves communists. I believe they will just keep on keeping on with what we have been presented so far. They will never promote their real intentions until they are in power then they will introduce it with gusto.