Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Canada's "50% + 1" Parliament

We have heard a number of left wingers in the last 2 months arguing that because the Tories did not receive "50% + 1" of the popular vote that they have a "false majority". The question is, what would Parliament look like if each MP had to win over 50% of the votes in their riding in order to be declared the winner? The answer is that there would be 107 Tory MPs, 36 Dippers, and 2 Liberals (both would be in Newfoundland). Fewer Than 50% of the people in Toronto Center voted for Bob Rae, so he really has a "false seat" and was not truly democratically elected. By all means, lets introduce more 50% + 1 provisions into our electoral law at the riding level, grassroots, because that will help the Conservatives more than anyone else.

Or here's an idea, why don't MPs who get at least 50% of the vote in their riding get an extra vote in the House of Commons? Only 2 Liberal MPs reached the 50% mark, one of those being Gerry Byrne. You might remember him, after Gail Shea was hit in the face with a pie by an animal rights activist, he wanted it declared an act of terrorism and prosecuted as such.


  1. I am waiting for some reporter or media host to ask an opposition mp, what percentage did you win by, when they bring up the 60% that did not vote for the PM.
    Heard 31% Hedy Fry trying to make a point yesterday in QP.

  2. You mean that 64.5% of the Conservatives were elected with less than 50% of their votes, compared to 35% of the NDP and 5.9% of the Liberals? Of course the opposition is becoming mad...

    Even if I were to be elected with less than 50% of the votes, I too, like Hedy Fry, would denounce such a "democratic" system.

  3. Good post Iceman! The opposition is just slicking up the "turd of proportional representation"
    Cheers Bubba

  4. Thanks for this info. I had been looking for this, but couldn't find it. It would be interesting to see a list of all MPs with the percentage of their win... from the highest to the lowest.

  5. The Left are such sore losers.