Saturday, June 4, 2011

Post Office Strike

Today's poll question; should postal workers be paid more, less, or the same? Canada is now facing rolling strikes by the postal union until a new collective bargaining agreement has been negotiated. Obviously the postal workers want more money, even though mail volume has fallen considerably in the last 10 years with the evolution of the internet and telecommunication technology. In ten more years, the post office might be entirely obsolete. We should ask Fed Ex or Purolator to place bids on regular mail delivery and just see what they offer.


  1. This is a strike between a Union and a management team. The only troubling aspect of the dispute is that Canadians should insist that Government stay out of the action. If the end result is the demise of Canada be it.
    What is important is this Union's activity on behalf of militant Islam and other extreme left countries such as Cuba. It's long over due that the membership of CUPW started demanding answers
    with regard to the leaderships geopolitical activity.
    Free collective bargaining is just that, "Free".
    Let them fight it out and make damn sure that government refuses to get involved. That way the market place will dictate what happens to Canada Post and all of it's employees.
    A small foot note; The reason for the kind of strikes is that the Union leadership is already worried that a full blown strike would prove them irrelevant.
    It will be interesting to watch.

  2. We need to open the postal market to all comers and we also need to cut Canada Post loose and let them sink or swim on their own.

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  4. Watching some of those union guys/gals with their signs and I think, good heavens we trust these people to deliver our bills and cheques.
    What a bunch of losers. They keep this up and they might jump at some job where one really has to work, with less benefits and holiday time, and a lot less pay. Have they considered how their dues, taxes, deductions will go up with a raise that will leave them with less take home pay. And how long will it take them to recoup what they lose while on strike.
    They want 3%, or .72 an hour increase. To lose 24.00 to gain .72 is not a smart move.

  5. This may be the last gasp of CUPW. People are getting sick of well-employed public sector workers bitching about how hard they have it,when they collect a nice regular paycheque every two weeks.The only guys in CUPW who have to do any hard work are the letter carriers,the rest have a pretty cushy job.

    Superboxes in residential neighbourhoods are the way of the future,and sorting can be contracted out to private companies.

  6. As soon as the Union began to support the same people that can and will kill Canadian soldiers anywhere in the world, if given the opportunity, that union became my every sense of the word.

  7. I have never had a problem with postal delivery. They are very nice to me, even coming round the back with a parcel when I am not home, and placing it in my porch. I would miss the delivery very much. Gordon

  8. Iceman
    I seem to recall that Purolator Couriers is 91% owned by Canada Post Corp'n.,which of course begs that if CPOST can hold most paper on a private courier then why not they to be privately owned?
    I agree though...let the free market dictate the results.

    No gov't intervention.