Friday, June 24, 2011

And They're Still Going...

The sun came up this morning and our members of Parliament were still up debating the back to work legislation for Canada Post. I can't remember the last time our Parliament pulled an all nighter, but it continues to move forward. This means that the NDP's 59 Quebec MPs won't be going back to their ridings for their sacred St Jean Baptiste Day (and rumour has it they aren't too happy about this). The debate of course is ideological pablum for the Dippers, union collective bargaining.

This filibuster is all for show, since the legislation is guaranteed to pass as soon as the opposition bag of tricks is empty. And if you are concerned for the health of your own MP, don't worry, the parties are facilitating this continuous debate in rotating shifts.


  1. The fact that they are doing this for show P!sses me off as they are the ones that were all up in arms over the CPC "making a mockery of our parliament"!

    I guess it's OK when the left do it. I wonder how much it is costing the taxpayers for all the staff that had to work overtime!

  2. I thought you could only filibuster if it was uninterrupted..tag team filibusters could go on forever!

  3. The Quebec Mps are willing to sacrifice a holiday for something they believe in! Well done! Too bad Mayor Tommy Boy in Toronto should take heed! Of course, he doesn't believe in anything beyond his next feeding.

  4. Alberta Girl, you stupid git, they are doing the only thing they can to demonstrate their solidarity with the postal workers. This is what democracies do!

  5. I wonder who is writing the speeches for those que mps, as they certainly aren't doing it themselves. Too bad there is no rule that they have to stay on topic. But at least they are not reading a telephone book, as has been done in the USA during a filibuster.
    One thing has come out, this started back in Oct, before the contract was finished. If after 9 mos, they couldn't come to a decision, the govt had to step in. Strike, lockout, hey it started with rotating strikes, and I firmly believe they would have made it Canada wide.
    Who knew of their great perks, sick days, pension, 23.00 an hour starting wage. And who knew the membership had never been given the opportunity to vote on said contract.
    Craig O just said one que mp said, fine they are keeping us from our holiday today, we will keep them here to take away July 1st for them.
    Was that a joke, or proof that they are all bloc in ndp colors. They are not canadians.

  6. Hmm, a couple of drive-by smears within two minutes. Not bad anonymouse.
    BTW, what exactly is a git?? It must have something to do with understanding filibustering as it relates to democracy.

  7. "Git"? Urban dictionary defines this word as;
    "A pubesent kid who thinks it's totally cool to act like a moron on the internet, only because no one can actually reach through the screen and punch their lights out"
    Actually you are not really anoymous, you can be tracked down and outed.
    Think about that anonymouse and try exchanging ideas instead of insults.
    It makes for much more interesting exchanges.
    Cheers Bubba

  8. Too true Bubba


  9. Anyone willing to place bets that the current government doesn't give a wit how long both opposition parties fillibluster?

  10. Just get the military to deliver the mail. There are many benefits to this:
    1) they can count to ten
    2) they know how to march
    3) dogs don't scare them
    4) they already have uniforms
    5) they can carry more than 40 lbs for long marches
    6) they can't strike
    7) pay them what CUPW gets now and our soldiers would get a raise

  11. I like the suggestion about the military and they wouldn't have to pay union dues. I heard a NDP MP on the radio suggesting that a 30 minute postal worker should have the same salary as a 30 year one. I think that if they a going for the gold...everyone should be paid the same amount as the union leader. Do these strikers really think that their union leaders are pulling strike pay...if you do then you are fools...also heard many a postal worker wanting to go back to work as their bills are piling up and they are upset that they didn't get a chance to vote on a strike. The union doesn't want the new hires to make less money because it is less money going into the union kitty. Always follow the money and see who benifits and it won't be the middleman but the top dogs.

  12. Anon 1:21

    Same pay makes sense since it takes about 30 minutes to train them to do the same job. Just what that pay should be is the issue.

  13. Remember Gallagher??
    He suggests giving the mail to the Jehovah's Witnesses to deliver. They're usually in your neighbourhood anyway.

  14. Well I just finished signing uo for my last e-bill. I was holding off since I'm still not quite sold on internet security but the strike tipped the balance. I now officially do not need the post office for anything. Hey, I just realized I don't need to shovel the snow off my sidewalk anymore either! :-))