Thursday, June 9, 2011

Conservative Convention Kicks Off

The Conservative Party is kicking off their 2011 policy convention this weekend in Ottawa. I just finished watching John Baird's opening speech on CPAC and he was pretty jacked up. The CBC's Rosemary Barton assures us that the media will be shut out of all the meaningful closed-door discussions, so fear not if you miss the festivities; Rosie says you won't be missing anything substantive. This is really more a victory party than anything...

Eventually at some point I would like to attend a political convention. Today's poll question; have you ever attended a political convention? You can watch on CPAC. There is quite the jovial atmosphere. Jason Kenney is speaking right now, I gotta go. "Tory Toronto is back!" just got a standing ovation.


  1. The media won't be shut out of anything.. political conventions have more moles than a Florida beach.

  2. I actually attended the 1967 PC convention at Maple Leaf Gardens.
    I wasn't a PC member nor was I even inclined to vote PC, in fact I voted Liberal at the time, but I had a slight interest in politics and being a Montrealer who had just moved to Toronto I had never been inside the Gardens before so I caught the bus and went to check it out.
    There was no fee to attend and no security at the door so I waltzed in and sat through the various votes until Robert Stanfield was declared winner.
    The only thing I really remember is waving a sign for Duff Roblin.

  3. I missed John Baird's speech, but both Jason Kenney's and Stockwell Day's speeches were great and inspirational.

    Maybe today's will be more a celebration than anything else, but Friday's and Saturday's sessions should be concentrating on policy. CPAC will probably be carrying whatever is open to the general public.
    -- Gabby in QC

  4. Are we going to discuss Libya?