Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Parti Quebecois Revolt Escalates

Another Parti Quebecois caucus member has defected from the separatist party citing Pauline Marois' ineffective leadership as the primary reason. This now marks 4 members who have defected in the last week as the sovereignty movement seems to be collapsing on all fronts. The only hope at this point for those dedicated to an independent Quebec is the NDP. Since absorbing the Bloc Quebecois, Jack Layton has begun taking up the causes once championed by Gilles Duceppe. Now Marois and the PQ are sinking despite the corruption of the ruling Charest regime, and there is no knight in shinning armour coming over the horizon to save them. Is there a provincial NDP in Quebec? If not, the PQ should start one and fold into the new brand as the Bloc did.

Would they consider replacing Marois with Duceppe? Given the result of the federal election this move looks unlikely, but still has to be considered. You may recall prior to Marois selection, for a few days it looked as though Duceppe was going to take the job. His colleagues in Parliament all but wished him farewell before a sudden movement in the PQ rank and file blocked the transition in favour of Pauline. Gilles name is being mentioned as a possible replacement.

Something has got to give. In any event, it is entertaining to watch the separatists die a slow death...metaphorically speaking.

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  1. It's an interesting time in Canadian politics when we see the continuing decline of the Librano$ along with the Separatist Bloc... I guess thats just a coincidence... I wonder how strategic it was for Duceppe to be openly campaigning for the Libs and Iggo. Where did the narrative of the Liberals saving us all from the big bad Separatists go? Hmmmm.