Friday, July 30, 2010

China Infiltrating Canada?

I just finished listening to Rosemary Barton interview Tory MP Rob Anders who had some interesting things to say about China potentially bribing Canadian politicians in an attempt to gain political favour. Granted this is coming from the same politician who voted against honourary citizenship for Nelson Mandela because he believes Nelson to be a communist and a terrorist. These allegations also come on the heels of the CSIS boss claiming that China has infiltrated our political class, remarks that caused a firestorm of controversy.

If Rob has directly witnessed any Canadian politician (Liberal or Conservative) accepting favours from the Chinese presumably in exchange for votes in the Commons, then he should report that to the appropriate officials. That is not the kind of information that you discuss for the first time with Rosie. He said that he had not talked to the Prime Minister about his allegations, but it is okay to talk about them with Rosie on the CBC? He should be talking to the police, not an amateur like Rosemary Barton.


  1. What's debatable about Mandela being a Marxist and a terrorist?

    His ANC was directly responsible for dozens of political killings including the murder of a 12 year old girl who was the daughter of a political opponent..

    That he had an epiphany on the road to Damascus does not mitigate the fact that he was a bad actor in his younger days.

  2. Tory MP Rob Anders is telling truths, as far as hookers go. I expect all MP's are targeted, maybe some take up the offer. Hmmmm I smell a potential for blackmail. That's what Anders is getting at, there is potential out there and the CSIS guy is not fear mongering, he was speaking reality.

  3. If Anders knows of cases of blackmail, then so do the authorities.
    The media should not be handed life/career ending gossip.

    Canadians do not need to know everything.
    There is a point of 'too much information', like wikileaks.
    Now the Taliban is out looking for the named informants.

  4. Anyone who thinks this isn't happening is on another planet. Who remembers Gerta, and a liberal minister stating he slept in the chair.
    Or the lib minister removed because he went to a strip club in Germany, I think.
    And when we have a cdn judge going to jail for telling a female that is she preformed sexual acts with him he would allow her entry to Canada.
    He was caught, how many haven't been.
    Ever talked to any of those business men who accompanied JC on his china trade missions. Ever made a connection to contracts awarded or favors granted after such trips.
    Anders did not accuse anyone of accepting the offers, just that they are made.
    An old trick was to get them in a compromising position and blackmail them or outing them as gay. That doesn't work anymore, unless one is married with kids.
    How about those 10 russian spies just deported.
    I think Rosemarie is just jealous she has never been propositioned to report negatively on PMSH, (or has she)
    Maybe that is why the media is so biased, they all have secrets they don't want to get out, or secret bank accounts.

  5. OT, but when did Christiane leave cnn and join abc.

  6. Mary - Gerta was indeed German, but I think you will find it was a member of the Diefenbaker cabinet who got caught.

  7. I rarely whole-heartedly agree with Rob Anders. But this is one of those times.

    Anders didn't need to discuss this matter with the PMO because the PMO is evidently quite aware. Moreover, to divulge names of individuals approached -- merely approached -- would be irresponsible on Anders' part. It would, in fact, stir up undue suspicion against Parliamentarians who likely haven't done anything wrong.

    Moreover, Anders is not responsible to be the ethical babysitter of Parliament. If MPs feel the need to report corrupt advances by foreign governments to CSIS, that's their responsibility.

    If any MPs are on the take, however, the government needs to identify them and impeach them.