Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Tax Day...errr...Canada Day

As a British Columbian I must confess that I'm starting to loathe Canada Day. Not because of any lack of patriotism, but rather the tax hungry BC Liberal Party has started an annual tradition of jacking up taxes on the day we celebrate our nation's history. Today the carbon tax gets increased AGAIN, last year we got the HST adding 7% tax to food, recreation, and the entire service industry. Why the hell is Canada Day the day that the BC Liberals have ordained to introduce all their tax grabs? When we next go to the polls, we have to boot Christy Clark and the Liberals out of office. I'm sick and tired of new taxes.


  1. We've gotta make this f***ing carbon tax an election issue! 5.8 cents a litre! I spoke to my MLA about it,and he seemed to have no idea that it wasn't absolutely necessary to save the planet.

    A friend asked George Abbot if he'd rescind the tax if he became Premier. Abbott said ,"YES".
    So the Liberals elected Christy Clarke, the Gordon Campbell with tits,instead.

    We BC'ers are getting the shaft big time,the only place in North America with a carbon tax.

    We MUST force these tax hungry political whores who represent everyone but US,to rescind this tax grab.

    And the reason they bring tax increases in on July 1 is undoubtedly because they think it'll get little to NO Press.

    A couple more beers and I'll be ready to start the Revolution, in a calm and Canadian manner,of course.

  2. Unfortunately the politicians do not have the balls to attack the root of the problem, namely too many overpriced and under worked government employees at all levels of government, from coast to coast to coast.

  3. I concur with dmorris. Regardless of how hated the HST is, mostly due to the dishonesty of the BC Liberal government at the time, at least it is a tax on real and existing things. The carbon tax is akin to the Pope of the middle ages selling indulgences.

  4. time for a real revolution Canadians should stop burying their heads in sand and fight for their rights ..
    do not let the greedies take over ,we will starve

  5. When will people understand that the BC Liberals and the NDP ARE THE SAME PARTY!!! The BC Liberals run the same damned campaign every election. Vote for us or get the socialist hordes. Meanwhile they let the socialists in through the back door. Don't be fooled. Vote Rhino or someone else and let this freakazoid party of dysfunction die.