Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Purpose Of Liberal Summer Tours?

Today's poll question; what do you think is the purpose of these frequent Liberal cross country tours? They claim the purpose is to connect with the "grassroots" and collect feedback from "regular people", when in fact they meet mostly party boosters. Is the true purpose to beg boosters for more money? I haven't seen the balance sheets so I don't if they cost more than they bring in. Is this about quelling a rebellion? Is it all just a dog an pony show to give the illusion that they are making an effort so that the foot soldiers don't start complaining about lack of effort? Or do they just make no sense at all? The song says "I've been trying to make some sense of it all, but I can see it makes no sense at all."

Ignatieff did 1-3 of these tours every year of his leadership. He even did them while Parliament was sitting and he was missing votes, where Bob is sticking to the summer with Parliament in recess. It shows Bobby is more shrewd than his predecessor, but I guess that ain't saying much...


  1. Well, lookie here some liberal mps are at the stampede grounds including Liz May, you know- the one who plastered Alberta oilsands in the international scene.

  2. Lizzie's at the Calgary Stampede?!

    I don't shock easily, but that shocks me!

    Rae has to be seen to be doing something, so he is. I'm sure he's enjoying the free trip across Canada schmoozing with the Liberals in various places, preaching to the choir.

    Hell, I wish someone would pay me to travel the Country,stay in fancy hotels,dine on fine cuisine, meet some hot liberal babes,and drink 'til the wee hours!

  3. Remember last year and iggy charging for the breakfast. I heard that Linda Duncan was going, dressed in her best western denim.
    Is layton hosting a breakfast, and is it free or do you have to pay to see him.

  4. 'If you can't take a step up then take a step least keep moving'

    ...perhaps that 2-bit piece of philosophy applies here.

  5. I think Rae will be schmoozing with Liberals and NDPers, I now know why Stephane Dion was at the recent NDP convention in Vancouver and it wasn't as an observer.

  6. Dizzy Miss Lizzy appearing in the bull riding event on all fours?


  7. What bugs me about Liz May is that she plasters the oilsands that is not man made whereas the tar-ponds in NS where she lived for years before moving to BC is man made and is causing health problems yet when you go to the 'green's website nothing of her rants on the tarponds is seen nor heard on television.