Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Is Obama Scorching The Earth?

Tonight I was watching the Charles Adler Show on Sun TV News (on the Internet since Telus still doesn't carry Sun News in my cable package), and the theory was proposed that the President of the United States "wants a train wreck" on this debt ceiling issue so that he can blame financial collapse on the Republicans in the next election. While this is a clever theory and sounds nice, I have trouble believing that Obama is that stupid. If there is an economic collapse because congress and Obama could not agree on a settlement, guaranteed it will hurt Obama's chance at re-election. Congress has a more recent mandate from the people as the Democrats were dealt a devastating blow from voters. Obama is the one demanding more money than the American government can afford to spend, so if talks collapse he absolutely will receive a substantial amount of blame for what happened.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that Obama believes he has substantial political capital to spend after killing Bin Laden and he knows that Obamacare can't survive without substantially increasing how much the USA can go into debt. I don't think he's trying to scuttle negotiations in order to blame it on the Republicans, I think he's desperate to move forward with his spending policies and is willing to spend what political capital he has from killing Osama to make sure he can pay for Obamacare. If he is indeed trying to scorch the earth in order to blame his opponents, then he's an idiot. If the economy collapses, the sitting President cannot avoid responsibility for the catastrophe.

When I watched the video below, I laughed so hard that I cried....


  1. Two questions Iceman, " how much money did the unions give Obama for his campaign
    and who does Obama owe his debt too before others(meaning the average joe).

  2. this whole fiasco makes you wonder if they have no money left at all and that the repubs and dems are fighting to pin the future blame on each other. after all, NASA is toast after what 50 years. seems strange to me that such an icon would be set aside so quickly. the US IS a train wreck. one wonders just how big the wreckage really is.


  3. I believe your premise is false. If anyone is hurt by this fiasco it is the right wing bigotry and ignorance, which in my opinion is no overstatement, of the tea party.

  4. William in Ajax said...

    There will NOT be any debt deal!

    The majority of newly elected Republican Tea Partiers have stated they will NOT vote to increase the debt limit...period.

    They were elected with a mandate to put a stop to the outrageous spending by Democrats.
    They will ...Blame is moot,
    the electorate are demanding this.

    Aug 2 IS going to be another day of infamy,
    and then again maybe not.

  5. The electorate is not demanding not to raise the debt ceiling. In fact in a poll released recently, it showed that only 52% of Americans supported the democrats position only 38% supported the republicans. Your first job as an elected official should be to do what's right for the country and the republicans have failed utterly.