Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If You Could Access CBC Information...

Assuming that the CBC even responded to access to information requests about its cost expenditures, what would you most like to know if you could access their protected secret information? Would it be Terry Milewski's expense account, the cost of making any one of its crappy shows, how much they pay Kady O'Malley to sit on her couch watching television while "live blogging", or perhaps how much they paid Scott "beer and popcorn" Reid for those "point of order" segments on the Soloman Show? I'd like to know complete and detailed ratings information which I know the CBC keeps but doesn't publish, so we can cancel the shows that nobody is watching. This will be the subject of a future poll question after we've had some time to collect some feedback.



    If Canada had elected a legitimate, small-c fiscal conservative Prime Minister, and a Heritage minister who didn’t consistently succumb to the far left, they would eradicate the state broadcaster, rather than increase CBC’s funding by $60 million ( a 6% increase) in the 2010/11 budget. The $1.1 billion a year grant of a total budget of $1.7 billion is an embarrassment and humiliation, since in reality, the state broadcaster is nothing less than the NDP’s “Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda”.

    For the unaccountable state broadcaster, informing the public pursuant to both sides of a story means giving a hyped-up version of the NDP’s talking points. CBC, Canada’s pro Khadr network that distains Canadian troops, frequently gives the impression of publishing NDP news releases verbatim, but seems to apportion a great deal of time to scrutinize, research, censure, and criticize Conservative statements.

    Now that Canada has numerous television and radio networks, satellite networks, and the internet, there is no longer any necessity for a state broadcaster; especially one scripted by left-wing affirmative action bimbos/minorities, and watched to mostly by the far-left, but paid for my people who actually work for a living and pay taxes. One of the numerous rationales for the exceptionally low quality of the state broadcaster’s regularly error overflowing “news” is its policy of sacrificing excellence in order to promote its moronic left-wing NDP/CBC shared values propagandist agenda. The state broadcaster also adopted a quota system that desecrates tax dollars on an affirmative action hiring program for immigrants even with their habitually sub- substandard journalistic credentials.

    The state broadcaster’s far left, extraordinarily over-paid bureaucrats consistently produce “factoids”—rhetoric pretending to be facts but, in reality, is merely Orwellian spin reprinted from the NDP’s talking points. These Cro-Magnon bureaucrats employed by the state’s broadcaster consistently delude the public, some times by intent and other times because they hire these semi-qualified, affirmative action government journalists.

    As opposed to producing quality, informative, balanced, unbiased journalism, the Canadian tax payers are over paying for the state broadcaster which has an immense creditability gap, is guilty of oversimplification and “dumping down” news, neglects to distinguish between opinion and comments, favors form over content, uncompromisingly encourages anti-Americanism, and has no public trust with anyone not on the radical left!

    If Harper was a genuine small-c conservative he would immediately begin to eradicate the deficit/debt by morphing this embarrassment, that is so left-wing that the middle of the road is in a different time zone, to a private pay for view station, sell the complete far-left bias Khadr hugging state broadcaster, or simply shut down this radical left bimbo/minority ran degradation to humanity.


  2. I want it ALL, and I want it NOW!

  3. I'd like to know how much they spent covering that "prorogue protest" day back in Jan 2010. It was a full court blitzkrieg with teams deployed in cities accross the country, even where no protesters showed up.

  4. How much money does Evan Soloman make in a year?

  5. Who is the person in charge of answering access to info requests at the CBC, and how much does that person make in a year? Sounds like a pretty easy job.

  6. More than anything,I'd like to know what their ratings are for each show.

    It would be nice to know how the "stars" salaries compare to those in private broadcasting,Canadian market.

    And the woman that invented,produced,directed,and acted in "Little Mosque", one of the biggest "duds" in TV history, was she paid according to the show's ratings?