Monday, July 4, 2011

Canadian Gaza Boat: Three Cheers For Greece!

Hip hip Hooray! Congratulations to the government and coast guard of Greece for stopping the Canadian Gaza boat before it could get anywhere close to Israeli waters. Thank you for stopping these clowns from embarrassing my country, and it certainly makes me more receptive to a second bailout to rescue the collapsing Greek economy. My only regret was that they escorted the boat back to docks instead of sinking it. Okay, perhaps sinking it would be a little extreme, instead they could just tow the boat to Antarctica and leave them there. That would make a great poll question, what should be done with the Canadian Gaza boat?

This was just a single boat rather than a flotilla of several boats, but it is still nice to see the Greek government do the right thing. If only the Turkish government had the same good sense and intelligence of the Greeks, last year's flotilla raid and controversy could have been avoided.


  1. And like all idiots with cdn passports, that get in trouble in another country, they are crying to the govt for help. They ignored warnings from the govt not to go, so the govt should ignore their calls for help.
    Apparently the generators are not working and there is no light, A/C or other comforts. But rumors that the boat is sinking are false, according to a reporter on board.

  2. Let Greece seize the boat and auction it and the cargo off. At least they will get a bit of revenue for their financial crisis.

    As for the crew; they made their beds, they can lie in them. Perhaps their Hamas buddies will supply hotel and airfare funding...(yeah, right)