Friday, July 29, 2011

When CBC Poll Questions Go Awry

Sometimes poll questions don't exactly turn out the way you expected; just as I'm sure the people over at the Solomon Show didn't expect what would happen yesterday when they asked "is it appropriate for the government to ask for the public's assistance in tracking down suspected war criminals?" Given that the CBC has been attacking the government for doing exactly that and defending their own policy not to publish the names or pictures of these individuals, you'd think their own audience might share a similar opinion, right? Wrong! 75% of CBC audience respondents agreed with the Sun News position that it is indeed appropriate for the government to ask for the public's assistance. Ouch!

But I'm sure the PR war isn't over. As of Friday night the only article on this story in the CBC politics section is "5th war crime suspect denies wrongdoing". Like we expect them all to confess and allow themselves to be deported. If they were willing to return to their home countries, they would have left when they were originally instructed to. They are trying to get refugee status, not found guilty and sent home. But hey, the CBC takes the word of Taliban combatants over the word of Canadian soldiers, so its not like they have any credibility on these matters. Evan Soloman was all over "torture-gate" with a vengeance. Je me souviens.

Is it appropriate for the government to ask for the public's assistance in tracking down suspected war criminals? 

Yes 74.52%
No 21.43%
Not sure 4.05%

Total Votes: 938


  1. Is that the total audience of that show.
    Mary T.

  2. CBC is the taliban 'tea time' news center.

    It is always good to watch various news station instead of just one, to compare notes.....especially at a time like this. Some of these suspected war criminals were ordered deported since 1999 the liberal era. So to hear Evans or others at CBC come up with this cock n bull story that they are not going to broadcast the suspected war criminals is crap.

    How many canadians know that some of those suspected war criminals have been deported since 1999 or ealier?

    How many times since then have canadians heard of this story from/on CBC.

    2011, we hear the full story from a brand new media of 100days old.SUNTV.

    CBC has got to be pravitized. Let see how many reporters will lose their jobs. Believe me after reviewing their work not gossip reporting let see how many of them are 'let go'.

  3. Evan Solomon is a left-wing extremist who should not be picking up a paycheck on the taxpayers dime.

  4. Is it not ironic that even with us blogging Tory pilgrims going over there to vote they can't bust 1000 ? just askin'
    Cheers Bubba

  5. "5th war crime suspect denies wrongdoing".

    What does he call wrongdoing? He, and the rest of these criminals, failed to turn up at their immigration hearings which is a violation of Canadian law. If that's not wrongdoing I don't know what is and, on that basis alone he should be deported.
    As for Evan Soloman: people of his ilk are the most dangerous elements in Canadian society.

  6. CBC is definitely ignoring one crucial part in this whole mess,namely that no matter whether the allegations are true or not regarding war crimes, the fact that they have been ordered deported and are in hiding illegally is grounds enough to have their faces wallpapered all over the country. just what is it that the CBC execs and the looney left no get?

    brad maynard

  7. "5th war crime suspect denies wrongdoing".

    What an absoulute "HOWLER"! Did anyone actually expect that he'd say,"it's a fair cop,I did it,I admit it"?

    Allah almighty! Someone should compile all the CBC's examples of left-wing bias, coverups,hysteria,anti-Israel,pro-Islamist reporting,anti-Conservative bias,and write it all up in a book.

    Unfortunately,the subject,CBC, might not attract any more of a reading audience than they do a viewing or listening audience,and the author would need a Canada Council arts grant to survive.

  8. Poll Question: "What should be done to deal with the next recession?"
    A: Stimulus tax cuts. (esp payroll taxes to encourage employment or GST/HST to encourage consumption)


  9. CBC doesn't have to answer to the public. They already have guaranteed taxpayer money so they are free to do as they wish. It's only private stations that have to deal with accountability.