Saturday, July 23, 2011

Should The Names Of Suspected War Criminals Be Published?

Today's poll question; should the names of suspected war criminals potentially hiding in Canada be made public? The CBC doesn't seem to want to publish them because they are only suspected rather than tried and convicted. Common sense might dictate that the names should be published so that we can increase the probability of capturing them, then again, we wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. On Friday Evan Soloman was acting like these names were pulled out of a hat without any evidence or jurisprudence, though I would suspect that considerable time was spent investigating these individuals. It is quite common to release the names and photos of people wanted for criminal acts before they have been put on trial because it aids the police in capturing them in order to put them on trial. These "suspects" hiding in Canada will get the opportunity to defend themselves in a court of law if captured. Relax CBC, they aren't going to be dragged out and hung on the lawn of Parliament.


  1. I have no problem with publishing the names and pictures of suspected war criminals,IF they are pretty sure the person IS a war criminal,and the proper authorities have said they have evidence which will stand up in Court.

    However,I would hope that being old and having a German accent isn't considered evidence.(facetious remark,there)

    And,if the person comes forward,is tried,and found innocent,I would expect the apology to be featured as prominently as the "Wanted" poster.

  2. These people are already criminals. They sought refugee status and were denied. All of them have missed meetings with the CBSA to be deported. They are illegal aliens.

  3. I'm getting a bit tired of listening to CBC going their own way. We have a majority Government that can set it's policy. If the CBC chooses to ignore--the the Government should ignore the CBC.
    Enough is bloody well...enough!
    The pictures and posters don't say, "wanted, dead or alive, do they?

  4. Spread the message on Twitter!
    The CBC gets #noheavylifting award – refusing to publish the names of War Criminals in Canada – Toronto Sun catches 2 –

  5. They should release the names. If they end up clear of all charges then they should compensate them for any reputable damages caused. Else risk being sued? I guess.

    I'm sure anyone could expand my general argument more articauly.

  6. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? You should release the names if, and only if they are being tried or are convicted. It would be against our charter to do otherwise.

  7. Innocent until proven guilty eh?I knew some of the apologists would say that.
    Case and point-Francisco Hernandez a New York pastor from El Salvador.He was denied a refugee claim from Canada in 1990-92.He went to the U.S and got citizenship in 1993.His warcrimes case is derived from the fact he served in the army and was just "following orders".
    Can you imagine if a Canadian soldier said this in Afghanistan after mistakenly shooting civilians?The Lefties would be all over it like a fly on sheet.How many Nazis made that claim at Nuremburg to avoid prosecution?

    Francisco better get a lawyer and shutup.

    Next case-Arshad Muhammad came to Canada in 1999 with a FAKE Italian passport.Hes already guilty.He failed to get refugee status and went underground.His lawyers exact words-"My client has expressed concerns about the media being present.It could cause risk to himself and others."
    Sorry Mr Muhammad that boat has already sailed.Back to Pakistan you go.You should have thought about your actions when you broke multiple Canadian laws.

    Shall i go on Anonymous?