Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Dykes Against Israeli Apartheid"

At what point did the gay pride parade become a rally against so-called "Israeli Apartheid"? This afternoon they were on the news carrying signs "Dykes Against Israeli Apartheid" and others declaring their solidarity with lesbians in Palestine. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Israel is considered one of the most progressive countries in the world on the issue of gay rights; while homosexuality is illegal under Palestinian law. Hamas has referred to gays as "a minority of perverts and the mentally and morally sick" and hardly seems like the kind of regime that gay activists should be supporting. In fact, many gays in the Palestinian territories end up fleeing to Tel Aviv, which Out Magazine named "the gay capital of the Middle East".

Forgive my confusion, but it seems as though there is a very glaring hypocritical contradiction in "Dykes against Israeli apartheid". If tomorrow Israel was annexed by Hamas and ceased to exist, this would be a great tragedy for all the gay and lesbian people living in Israel. They would go from being protected to persecuted. I think these protesters might want to consider focusing their attention and their lobbying efforts on trying to win new rights for gays in countries where it is illegal to be gay. Attacking Israel does nothing to help all those people in prison cells across the middle east who have had their freedom taken away for no other reason than sexual orientation. Dykes against Israeli apartheid is fighting the wrong fight.

"Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Cyprus are the only countries in the Middle East where homosexuality between consenting adults in private is not illegal and homosexuals are not persecuted under law. In most other Middle Eastern countries homosexuality is illegal, often punishable by corporal punishment, prison, and even the death penalty."
And those people at the pride parade beating an effigy of Rob Ford with a stick, very civilized...


  1. I looked at the pictures of the Dyke parade on the Sun Newspaper website....horrified by the sight of a man with his young daughter watching two nude lesbians engage in some "acts". If this is a required event for public officials, our country is in deep trouble.

  2. rob from ottawa.July 2, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    You should know that you can't let little things like facts get in the way of these " activists "
    They have no desire for anything like truth or even a remote change of being wrong.
    They only live with the little worm of hatred for anyone that does not agree with their twisted view of the world.

  3. they're not protesting israel's treatment of gays but rather their treatment of palestinians. is that so hard to figure out?

  4. The Palestinian government (Hamas) regards homosexuality as "mentally and morally sick". The gays against Israeli apartheid are attacking the wrong side, is that so hard to figure out?

  5. it's pretty simple. dykes against apartheid don't support israeli treatment of palestinians en masse nor do they support the current govt's attitudes towards homosexuality. complex issues have never been conservative strong points.

  6. I'm sorry, I thought taking up the fight of those jailed or killed for the crime of being homosexual in a number of Middle Eastern countries would be a far more productive use of their time than attacking a country that is a great friend to the gay and lesbian community (including those who flee persecution in Hamas controlled Palestine).

    But then again I suppose that I lack the ability to understand complex issues...

  7. Then dykes against apartheid can move to the Gaza strip and live there.But they wont since are would be scared S*&^less.
    Lets talk complex issues anonymous.Issues like people shrugging off DSK ahem sexual miscondunct to say the least.Or how about credit card debt folks keep piling up because they believe money grows on trees?
    Years of cutting our military so we can fund Gay pride parades and weakening our commitments overseas.Which by the way have over one million people supporting the parade ,so its only fair that they donate to keep it going for next year eh?
    Maybe the issues of Western conservatives supporting liberal muslims in the Arab spring?Wheres the Left?Silence since it doesnt help in bashing Israel.
    Ive got about 10 more subjects i can go on about that i can talk circles around you anonymous, but ill let you digest this post through your narrow lens of a world you live in.


  8. It is completely selfish for dykes to put the parade at risk of losing funding. They have "used" all the years of hard work of the parade organizers and supporters to get press for their confusing stance. I have been to Israel, have lived there while going to school and I can tell you without a doubt, the majority of the community in Israel is not homophobic BUT the majority of the Arab/Palestinian community is FOR SURE so homophobic, those dykes would not dare to congregate and hang banners, they would be beaten or raped.

    The treatment of gays in Ethiopia for example is an issue that is so volatile and horrifying, why don't they try helping those poor souls....