Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dalton's New "Chumps" And "Dolts" Attack Ads

Months ahead of the Ontario election, Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty has released a new attack ad accusing Tim Hudak of treating Ontario voters like chumps and dolts (ironically how Dalton treats people who pay taxes). According to at least one writer at the Globe and Mail, this emulation of Harper Conservative strategy could put McGuinty back in office for a 3rd term. Of course the biggest difference between Harper and McGuinty's circumstances is that the Tories were enjoying a comfortable lead in the polls for months prior to the ads being released. Dalton however is trailing in the polls and is still reeling from voter anger at all the many new taxes that he has introduced under his reign. It might be a little hypocritical of the Sherrif of Nottingham to accuse others of what he himself is guilty of.

Besides, I seriously doubt that "dolts and chumps" will be more effective than the "just visiting" ads.


  1. If the people of Ontario put McSlimmy gets back in after getting screwed by him twice before then YOU DESERVE WHAT YA GET. Please don't do that.

    Rob C

  2. "Ontario Conservatives want to put thugs on the streets . . thugs . . .on the streets . . . on the streets of Ontario cities. We're not making this up . . we're not allowed to!"

    WOW! & Yikes! Another great catsmeat moment, this time, on behalf of Ontatio's Taxman McLiar -- yet these ads reek of the same desperation so recently displayed by their fast-fading federal brethren and sistren.

    "Guns," anyone remember "men with guns, on the streets of Canadian cities?"

    Seems that increased desperation is accompanied by decreased creativity, leading to "copy-cat pseudo-creativity." Hope the Taxman has been billed Full Price for this patent plagiarism. Looks good on the lot of them.

  3. The "thugs on the streets" is even funnier because if that policy is enacted it will be low end criminals who are already due to be released in the near future. If they are safe enough to put back out on the streets, then why not get them to help clean up our streets while they are serving time?

    Paul Bernardo will not be coming to a neighborhood near you to clean graffiti.

  4. Dalton speak 2003: No new taxes = health care *premium* 2004.

    I remember.

    That was a great fearmongering quote repeated daily during the last election.