Sunday, July 3, 2011

"B.C finds success with controversial carbon tax"

Like the majority of BC residents who drive an automobile, I loathe our carbon tax. On Canada Day it was jacked up for a 3rd time, and now there is an article in the Globe and Mail praising the success of the tax (is it just me or has the Globe swinging farther to the left since the election). Now we have think tanks saying that the tax should increased to 50 cents a litre on gasoline in order to reach our emission reduction targets? Pundits like Andrew Coyne have pontificated that carbon taxes are more palatable than we think because Gordon Campbell won re-election in 2009 after unveiling a carbon tax. No Andrew, he won because the province still has nightmares about the last reign of the NDP and there is no viable right wing alternative to the Liberals. Then again Coyne supports introducing expensive new road taxes so that fewer people can afford to drive, allowing him to get home from work a few minutes faster.

Why do you think the whole house came crashing down on the Liberals after the HST, which a number of economists supported (while miscalculating its "revenue neutrality")? There was plenty of residual anger about the carbon tax and the good people of this province had enough. If the BC Conservatives run a full slate of candidates and promise to scrap the carbon tax, they will surprise a lot of people in the next election. Rumour has it that Christy Clark might call an election in the next few months to try and catch the Conservatives unprepared. Obviously carbon taxes will reduce the use of gasoline as it becomes more expensive because more people will not be able to afford to drive as they used to, especially low income earners and fixed income seniors.


  1. Coyne is a self declared Liberal doosh.

  2. It is often amazing how much an election becomes a common leveller. If a political party seems to be running against the common or current thinking it morphs into the peoples position. That is democracy. The people aren't always right either but it seems to work.

    Any Conservative party worth it's salt would vote against a carbon tax given that CO2 is not a yet proven to be a pollutant.

  3. get Rid of the damn Carbon Tax. I hate it there is no Evidence the earth is warming up anyways infact there is more evidence now it's cooling down. I wish BC leaders would listen to the Wocc I think thats what there called. Remember there a fraud remember the e-mails that came out in Virgina where they get the main info for the Enviroment. They have been tricking us. Infact there has been global cooling since I beleive 2000 and perhaps before that. I don't even care if they keep the hst. just get rid of the carbon tax.

  4. Get rid of politicians. They are destroying all western democracies, and slapping each other on the back while doing it. They're a bunch of Nero pukes.

  5. Glo-Bull Warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in human history.

    The Gorezuki's should be jailed.

    Campbell is/was an idiot, he likes Arnold and dreams of a hydrogen highway.

    Stupid twit, ya you mitten man.

    Repeal the "carbon tax"

    Coyne's a tool Libtard, his opinion is worth shit.

  6. Coyne endorsed the Liberals, last election.
    Implicitly endorsing The Coalition.
    All because his feelings were hurt about parliamentary tactics and someone, the Conservatives, in his opinion, had to pay.

    That's why his opinion on anything is no longer relevant to me.
    Nor will it ever be again.

  7. I agree with every comment here about Andrew Coyne. He has lost all credibility and sounds than Terry Milewsky and the CBC.

  8. I don't consider Coyne a "journalist", but more of a Liberal voting coalition salesman, selling all the bullshit tax schemes and big Government rip offs his comrades on the left can muster. On another note the media in B.C. (Vaughn palmer, Bill Good etc, etc.) are selling the "carbon tax" as a success and actually advocating for more specious hidden tax schemes on energy, just like Coyne. Total bunch of A-Holes that hopefully will be destroyed, just like the political movements they shill for. The "carbon tax" in B.C. is one of the biggest, most dishonest scams and wealth redistribution schemes ever conceived.

  9. I've told my MLA,in person,that the one item that Clark could address if she wants to gain the favor of the electorate is the CARBON TAX!

    He seemed oblivious to the implications of the tax on the average citizen,especially,as you said, seniors.

    As a small business owner,the tax has made it more difficult to bid on jobs over fifty KM distant,as the cost of gas necessitates a higher bid,and puts me at a disadvantage with locals.

    But,Clark and the Liberals continue to fund windmill projects and smart meters,while economists estimate the cost of electricity will increase by 30% over the next three years in B.C.,once home to the lowest rates in North America.

  10. I suppose one could call it a success: a successful government scam to steal more of our money. The carbon tax above all things should be put to referendum, but I am not holding my breath.