Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Increasing Gas Taxes?

Today's poll question; should gas taxes be increased to fund public transit expansion? Because that is exactly what's about to happen in Vancouver, on top of our existing carbon tax. Today I heard my own Mayor declaring that we need a gas tax or even an additional carbon tax to fund new transit projects. Enough with the taxing of motorists! This is getting ridiculous, instead of trying to reduce spending or funding projects through existing revenue streams, we keep getting new taxes. I left Ontario in part to escape the tax happy regime of Dalton McGuinty, but I moved to British Columbia only to find the same kind of knuckleheads running this province! When they introduce a new tax to build some new project, does the tax get scrapped when they are finished?

If I still live in West Vancouver next municipal election, I will be campaigning against Pam Goldsmith-Jones. I voted for her last time, even met her last year, and I don't recall her campaigning on new gas taxes. Had I known that was on the agenda, I would have voted for someone else. Vote no to gas taxes.Vote no to Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party. Today I received my HST ballot in the mail. I voted yes to "extinguish" the tax, even though the option I wanted was not on the ballot. I want the BC Liberals to take Stephen Harper's offer not to add the 7% PST to goods and services not previously taxed by the province. Having an HST is fine, it was the jacking up of prices for a large basket of goods and services that pissed people off.


  1. slimey
    Its an uphill battle for you. Good luck.

  2. I'm hoping that British Columbians vote BC Conservative, and throw these tax and spend, give themselves a pay raise A-holes in the BC Liberals out on their asses. You are absolutely right in your assertion that once the tax is there it's always going to be there ( for the environment and junk). These BC Liberals are so arrogant, cynical and deceitful that if they did make a cut in the specious "carbon tax" scheme they'd act like they were doing us a favour. I hope BCers tell em to go eff themselves in the next election. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary, BC politics is almost as effed up as Quebec politics.

  3. "When they introduce a new tax to build some new project, does the tax get scrapped when they are finished?"

    Sometimes. The $10 toll on the Coquihalla, brought in by the Socreds, was finally axed by the Campbell government, much to my astonishment, two or three years back.

    It's the only time in my long life I can recall a government EVER doing this.

    Allah almighty,we are in a tough situation here in B.C.! We have the amoral grafters in government now, and the only credible opposition is run by a hard-left anti-capitalism Sh**head.

    It's like a choice between a gang of crafty thieves and a gang of bungling thieves,either way,they'll loot the Province to pander to their friends,to our detriment.

  4. Ironically, such a tax will not benefit the people whom it hits hardest: the working poor. They're the ones working at odd (ie off-peak) hours, in out-of-the way places (ie not downtown or other hubs) and for whom a vehicle is a necessity. Can't seen any 'improvements' helping them; it will all go to enhance the current routes and heavy-use runs.