Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bobapalooza: Rae's Summer Tour

Bob Rae is wasting no time getting out for his own summer tour, and we all know how well touring the Canadian BBQ circuit worked out for his predecessors. Bob says he's doing this to help rebuild the Liberal Party and I'm sure it has nothing to do with raising his own national profile. He's only in this for the interim and has no intention of taking this party into the next election, right Bobby? Either that or he can take the opportunity to starting warming people to the idea of a Liberal-NDP merger.

The question is, how will Bob's summer tour be different from Iggy's multiple tours? Where Ignatieff was more the aristocrat, Rae is more the communist scholar. Do we call this the "Iron Curtain Tour" or maybe the "Long March", as he goes coast to coast laying down his plan to turn Canada into the Soviet Union. The Utopia Now Tour?


  1. I came about 2 seconds from punching out someone on Rae's staff about a month ago. Well.. at least he said he was on Rae's staff - but the guy was such a pathological liar that it's not certain. The one thing I'm certain of is that he's an amoral offensive degenerate and is running as an MLA in Manitoba for the liberal party. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and the guy was ejected before carnage ensued. The libs sure know how to pick real winners.

  2. Bob says he's doing this to help rebuild the Liberal Party and I'm sure it has nothing to do with raising his own national profile.

    Bob Rae raising his profile is like trying to raise the Titanic - it sunk to the bottom years ago and it ain't coming up.

    The trouble for Rae is that he already has a profile, a provincial one, and we already know what that is all about, don't we? :D

    I know that the Liberal party says that he is merely the interm leader, but come on. I'm hoping like hell that they make him permanent leader. I'm curious to see what the Liberal party will look like with 10 seats.

  3. Things are working out for the Liberals, Dion with his dog "kyoto", Ignatieff with his "Bus tour" now Bankrupt Bob is gonna let y'all "get to now him better".
    How about 3 seats and that is 3 too many.
    I am enjoying this waay too much.
    Cheers Bubba

  4. SOS Beggar Tour is more like it.

  5. An amusing Power & Politics interview today, with Rae using an aggressive tone towards Rosie Barton, whom I consider a far better interviewer than Solomon despite her occasional grating giggling. Rae used such terms as "nonsense" referring to Barton's rebuttal about the Liberals' position on the postal strike.

    Adding further to my amusement was Jennfer Ditchburn's lament about how the media was treated with "great disrespect" at the hands of those mean Conservatives, who did not give the media all the information they wanted. According to Ditchburn, that treatment was "distasteful."

    Tom Flanagan responded to Ditchburn's lament by reminding her that the media, which regularly showers all manner of abuse on politicians, are very thin-skinned whenever anyone dares criticize them. That was a well-placed and merited zinger.

    I know, I'm way off topic, but in that same interview today Rae demonstrated the same arrogance that's been the Liberal Party's stock-in-trade: only THEY represent Canadian values, those values that other peoples in other lands such as those participating in the so-called Arab spring are seeking to gain.

  6. Rae Daze better not forget to watch his back, Liberal knives from the Martin faction are being sharpened.

  7. In his press conference, Rae was bragging that the LPC raised $150,000, which was more than the $100,000 they were expecting, in order to redo the liberal.ca website. Whoop-de-do. Rae should give some of that money to whoever is running LibBlogs, which still features Iggy at the top.

    One of Rae's biggest challenges will be to come up with effective reasons for Libs to donate. He was babblng about how the LPC will need money to fight back against our future negative ads. But any donor with half a brain will know that we will leave the next Lib leader alone, and focus our attacks on the Dippers. If anything, we will try to BOOST Liberal fortunes, at least among left-leaning voters.

  8. Anon above, and perhaps they should give SOME thought to paying pack the debt from long gone leadership races that former candidates STILL owe from as far back as almost 6 years ago.

  9. Jean Chretins taxpayer welfare to political party's is coming to an end, and the Boob of Rae and the corrupt party he leads are begging for donations. What a surprise! Poor Boob and the Liberals having to get down in the gutter and actually listen to the little people for the sole purpose of plying for some cash. If Boob Rae and the Liberals weren't such deplorable creeps one might actually feel sorry for them.

  10. A good song to commemorate the Liberal Party's present fortunes is Bob Dylan's 'Like A Rolling Stone'

    A good listen for all, though perhaps more so for the younger set who may have missed it as 'before their time'.

    Anyhow; a priceless classic pertinent to the Libs and still relevant today.
    My choice is the June 1965 version though many others are good such as Jimi Hendrix's 1967 version.
    Sorry for not giving a direct link...something I should learn to do.

    Cheers SC