Monday, July 11, 2011

North Korea To Chair UN Conference On Military Disarmament? What?

The United Nations never ceases to amaze me in the absolute ridiculousness of some of their decisions. North Korea has now been chosen to chair a UN Conference on military disarmament, and Canada will be proudly boycotting the work of this body as we should. North Korea is one of the worst perpetrators in the development and proliferation of nuclear weapons who frequently fires missiles, torpedoes, rockets, and bullets at their sovereign neighbours. This conference should not be taken seriously and any policies produced by it should be soundly rejected. N.Korea is the worst possible country that could have been chosen to chair this conference, short of maybe Myanmar. Previous ludicrous appointments include Muamar Gaddafi to the UN Council on human rights. You will be pleased to know that Gaddafi's membership on that council has been suspended since he began massacring his own people. We'll see, maybe NK's chair of  this conference will be suspended the next time they sink a South Korean navy ship.

The United Nations has become a joke. Getting denied a spot on the security council was actually a great compliment when you examine the selection criteria for other appointments.

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  1. If Harper had balls we would have left the Unites Nutters Org along time ago.