Friday, July 15, 2011

Rating John Baird The Globetrotter

There is no question that John Baird has been one of the busiest MPs in Parliament this summer, trotting the globe engaging in international diplomacy with foreign nations. Today's poll question; how would you rate John Baird's early performance as Minister of Foreign Affairs? Excellent? Acceptable? Replaceable? He has become deeply involved with the Libya mission, which is starting to inspire some pretty harsh criticisms among the Canadian punditry. The other day it appeared that NDP strategist Ian Chapstick was going to start crying on the Soloman Show over so-called "mission creep". Not only do I support replacing Gaddafi, I'd like to know if we can stop by Zimbabwe on the way home. There are more than few targets in Syria that are in serious need of some explosive ordnance. Basher Assad is butchering his own people on a daily basis, can't we at least take out some of his palaces? Are they within reach of your current operating base in Italy?

I can only imagine how Liberals feel about Baird performing this function of government. My head might explode if Mark Holland ever became the face of Canadian diplomacy. I only make this comparison because Liberals react to Baird much the same way as Tories react to Holland.


  1. He was doing okay until he got us involved in this stupid Libyan affair. The Canadian army and taxpayer should not be tools to be used and abused for a global good deed binge on the whim of whoever's in charge.

  2. If it were not for the idiocy of getting us enmeshed in the Libyan fiasco, I would think Baird is doing a good job.

    However, CAnada bombing Libya at the behest of the UN is the most mindnumbingly stupid piece of Canadian foreign policy in my lifetime.

    So, if there was a lower score than "replacable" I would have chosen it. What is going through Harper and Bairds' heads on this. Ridiculous.

  3. Off topic, but just a request. You do lots of polls so how about a fun poll,
    What female news person, political person etc has the worst hairdo. Today my vote goes to R. Brooks, taking over from so many other prospects.

  4. We need to give him a chance. So far I've been impressed.

  5. Mary T. Who is R. Brooks? [shows how much TV I watch :-))]

  6. R. Brooks, the head honcho of news world or whatever.( a real Murdoch mystery) The one with the long red hair. She was arrested today, and the head of Scotland yard resigned.