Monday, July 25, 2011

Layton Steps Down, Mulcair Snubbed

Like every Canadian I would like to wish Jack Layton all the best in his latest battle with cancer and hope that he has a speedy and full recovery. He is stepping down as leader of the NDP, hoping to return to the position when his health has improved. Who will be replacing him as interim leader? Well it is not deputy leader Tommy Mulcair, which is great news for Canada. The new NDP leader is likely to be someone I've never heard of before Nycole Turmel, a rookie MP from Quebec. In the event that Jack is unable to return, the NDP is going to have serious problems when Parliament resumes if they are being led by someone who only has a few weeks experience in the legislature. That being said, they would also have serious problems under the leadership of a vitriolic conspiracy theorist like Mulcair, who will likely be seeking leadership should Jack's leave become permanent.

I would much rather have Jack Layton as NDP leader than any of the usual suspects like Libby Davies, Pat Martin, or Mulcair. Considering that the NDP is currently built on Layton's personal likability (especially in Quebec), anyone who might replace him will be unable to duplicate or expand the results from the last election. The loss of Jack's leadership would weaken his party, and perhaps make them more receptive to a merger with the Liberals.

Get well soon Jack.


  1. Was Mulcair snubbed or has he been given permission to run for permanent leader should cancer end Jack's leadership? I'm not sure about the federal NDP but most parties won't let interim leaders run for permanent leader. If a member wants to run for leader (s)he can't be interim leader or cabinet minister.

    Quite apart from politics upon which Jack and I will never agree I do hope and pray that he might overcome this latest cancer.

  2. I am still remembering Jack Layton telling our duly elected Prime minister to "Go Quietly" so Jack and his Coup supporters could run Canada.
    Having faced the big "C" and so far still kicking I hope he does also.
    I don't dislike Layton's politics I HATE them.
    Very telling that he is naming a outsider to replace him "temporarily".
    Jack is the NDP without him they will wither, the new kids are clueless and apparently Jack thinks the old kids are also. Interesting.

  3. Nice point that NDP/Liberal merger may be more likely now. Iceman linked here:

  4. The move to support Turmel seems to be an attempt to choose someone that can't use the interim leadership to catapult their own aspirations to become a permanent leader.

    Just look at what Iggy did and what Rae is doing with the "interim" leadership. They exploited it.

  5. I wouldn't mind Davies becoming leader but I would neve vote for Mulcair in a million years

  6. The theory is that Layton did not want an interim leader who might also be running for the permanent leadership. Thus he avoided the more obvious choices.

  7. Layton IS the face and the voice of the NDP,I don't like him, but he's a smart politician,without him,the NDP will quickly fall back to their rightful place in Canadian politics,third.

    Libby Davies has to be a no-go,she'd take the Party so far Left they'd lose their moderate support.

    Mulcair is also a disaster,so unless one of those on your poll is a budding political superstar,the NDP is in for a big "correction".

  8. I think Mulcair will be the inevitable leader, whatever Layton does. In a way, this may be a good thing, as it could force him out of the shadows. English speaking journalists may finally force him to give the same answers in English, that he gives in French. In the recent election this certainly was not the case. As a federal leader, he would be forced to take some decisions, contrary to Quebec nationalist interests.

  9. There is no doubt that the new interim leader would bbe greatly influence by the likes of: Mulcair,Davies, Comartin, Martin etc.

    As long as they are there; they run the show as well as Quebec.