Sunday, July 17, 2011

Man Killed By Cash Cab

Friday night in Vancouver a man was killed after being struck by the Discovery Channel's "Cash Cab" following filming of the TV show by the same name. It is a show where they drive around in a fake taxi cab picking people up then asking them trivia questions in exchange for cash prizes. I've seen part of an episode of this show, and it did not interest me. Have you ever watched the show Cash Cab? That is today's poll question (it is a slow news weekend). Thus far no charges have been laid and the investigation is ongoing.

We'll see if the Discovery Channel continues carrying the show.


  1. Yeah, must be a slow news weekend. I've watched CC twice, boring quiz show that takes place in a car.

    TV is generally boring as hell, but it's been interesting to see show formats from the 1950's being tried again. I guess TV production is much like the world of fashion, after a while you just recycle the ideas from 50 years earlier.

    It's too bad Groucho Marx is dead,he'd be a big hit now.

  2. Every episode I've seen was filmed in Toronto.

  3. Is it wrong to find this funny? heheh! I would love to see the that film. Hope nobody was seriously hurt.

  4. Well Alex, I did refrain from including jokes in the post if that answers your question. The conversation I had on this subject with my friends at a party last night was not quite so "professional".

  5. I've seen it. Kind of like a dumbed down Jeopardy. Questions are far too easy but the host is not without charm and wit for the witless.