Monday, July 18, 2011

Which Political/Media Person Has The Worst Hairdo?

Without much excitement or stories of interest in the Canadian political sphere this summer, one valued BT contributor would like to ask; "which news person, political person etc has the worst hairdo?" With the first nomination being Rebekah Brooks from News of the World. The CBC's Kady O'Malley and Rosemary Barton are also worthy candidates. This will eventually become a poll question after first opening the subject up to rigorous debate. Nominees do not need to be Canadian, as we will accept international nominations.

MaryT, this one's for you.

Linda Duncan
Rebekah Brooks

Julie Van Dusen

Elizabeth May
Susan Delacourt

Kady O'Malley and Rosemary Barton

Donald Trump

Michael Moore


  1. Bruce from CambridgeJuly 18, 2011 at 2:35 AM

    Wendy Mesley - her hair looks like it was trimmed with a weed wacker

  2. Shouldn't we wait and see what the NDP caucus returns wearing on their mellons after summer vacation? I wouldn't be shocked to see at least one with a lightning bolt shaved into their head. Kids do the darndest things.

  3. None of the above has a face to match the hair style (for want of a better term), therefore one has to acknowledge that there are just some plain ugly folks in this world.
    Actually, you can match attitudes to the hair styles - makes for a shaky outlook on life don't it?
    Personalities plus? Not in this lifetime!
    A sure sign of left-wing-omedia to be sure.

  4. Of all time? No contest; it begins and ends with Sam Donaldson. It looks like a wood-grain helmet. There's a pretty tight race among the hangers-on, though; for a while, Jane Taber was sporting a horrific straightened thing that looked like it came off of one of the killer androids in Blade Runner.

  5. No has to be cbc's very own Julie Van Dusen! A close runner-up,would be Delacourt.Both these 'wimmin' appear to use an egg-beater to style their hair.

  6. I'd say that Craig Owliver dyeing whatever he has left on the side of his melon is sad and weird.


  7. I vote Susan Dela court as the worst with Julie Van Dusen as close runner up.
    They both have terrible hair styles.

  8. It's a dead heat between Delacourt and Trump with Van Dusen coming up fast along the rail.

  9. Don't forget Linda Duncan, ndp mp.
    Thanks, this could be fun.
    Re Wendy, remember she had chemo and lost her hair a while ago.
    Looking at those pics, I think a lot of hairdressers should lose their right to work.

  10. The above are all awful, but my vote would be for Jennifer Ward at CTV. Her new haircut is the worst.

  11. Sandi Rinaldo and the deep fried look.

  12. Frances Russell of the WFP, hands-down.

  13. Geez,you scared the bejeevers out of my kids with the Elizabeth May mask or look alike.They never saw anything so scary.

  14. If you don't even bother combing your hair in the morning, I don't know if you can call it a "hairdo" so Mike Moore's nomination was pulled.

  15. Delacourt -- no contest. Van Dusen and May should not even be there. I don't like May, but her hair is pretty standard for women her age.

  16. Watching R. Brooks testify, and am thinking, some young girl would love a wig made from her hair, if she would cut it. Same for Delacourt, and maybe Casey Anthony.
    Think of the fund raiser for Cancer should they do this.

  17. You mean as a Halloween costume or haunted house right? Otherwise why would anyone want Delacourt's hair.

  18. REX MURPHY What is that? A steel wool scrubber on your head?