Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Final Chapter Of Guergis-gate

The Helena Guergis controversy can finally be put to rest now that the ethics commissioner has found she violated the Parliamentary code of ethics by trying to help her husband secure contracts for his fledgling "green waste" company. This justifies Prime Minister Stephen Harper removing her for caucus, regardless of what may or may not have been true in that Toronto Star "busty hookers" story. The Liberals lost credibility during Guergis-gate after first demanding she be fired when the busty hookers story broke; then slamming the PM for removing her from caucus after he gave her the boot. Helena went from being a villain to the Liberals, only to become their hero a few weeks later. In fact I would not be the least bit surprised if she ran for the Liberal Party in the next election. Though it might be tough for her to get Rahim government contracts if she is sitting in caucus with the third place party.

So long Helena. Enjoy your life outside of politics.


  1. If Bob Rae who banrupt ontario and prorogued his provincial government for months(not weeks), when he was the premier of that province and who is now a liberal without being haunted by the msm, anyone can join the liberal party.
    Guergis can run in that party and don't be surprise that the msm instantly stops talking about her.

  2. rob from ottawa.July 14, 2011 at 6:26 PM

    Please don't kid yourself.
    We will continue to hear about"POOR HELENA" in the MSM and how mean That >evil Stephen Harpo< is.
    The claim will be that the ethics commissioner was just obeying the boss will echo in the media come the next election.
    fortunately that will be in 4.5 years.
    So who cares.
    BYE BYE crybaby.

  3. No Jen, the lame brained media would start bragging about how Rae managed to get her to cross, you know just like the other b**ch Stronach.

  4. I'm still waiting for Helena's book to come out "What Did I Do Wrong? I Don't Understand?"

    Helena keeps saying she doesn't know why she was booted out of caucus, and I'd say this ethics violation is a great reason to have had her removed.

  5. I always felt sorry for Guergis, and thought she was being unfairly crucified by the Liberals and their media whores. While I still believe the media behaved like a pack of unscrupulous liars and cheats ("busty hookers") it's now clear Guergis was the architect of her own demise. Politics is a blood sport and Guergis should have known better.

  6. Guergis' biggest mistake was hooking up with her loser husband, Jaffer. The DUI, the cocaine, the shady business partners, using her govt office and blackberry, and of course convincing Helena to write that letter... everything comes back to Jaffer.
    I think she was, and would still be a good politician if it wasn't for marrying that fast-talking bonehead.
    She just didn't get it... but Harper did.

  7. I'm with Sean M, although writing one letter in support of her husband's business hardly appears to be a capital crime.

    Where I think Ms. Guergis went wrong is in turning for some kind of comfort to the very media that treated her so shabbily during her supposed PEI airport "meltdown". The media behaved like vultures picking at carrion yet she allowed them to use her in her battle against the PMO.

    I still maintain, though, the PMO should have explained at the very beginning why she was kicked out of caucus. The ensuing speculation about the reasons for it did not help the PMO.
    -- Gabby in QC

  8. Finally, the chickens come home to roost!

  9. No Jen, the lame brained media would start bragging about how Rae managed to get her to cross, you know just like the other b**ch Stronach

    How about the bastard Emerson who crossed to the Harpo clan? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander nooo? Tit for tat buddy. Kettle calling pot black heh?