Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rae's Coronation Or Liberal Convention?

If you haven't been watching Bob Rae's coronation disguised as a convention, don't worry, you haven't missed much. Highlights from Saturday include Justin Trudeau shaving and an announcement from Sheila Copps that she still has a satisfactory sex life (more specifically, "it isn't bad"). Will the "I can still get laid" strategy help her win the election to become party President? We'll find out soon enough. It's nothing if not original.

This whole event feels more like the coronation of Bob Rae than it does a Liberal convention about renewal. If by renewal you mean more Bob Rae and Sheila Copps, then okay. But under those leaders the word renew is more like renewing an overdue library book than to "make new again".

Today's poll question; do you feel this weekend's gathering of Liberals is: 1) Liberal convention, 2) Bob Rae coronation, 3) waste of time and money, 4) something to keep the CBC busy, 5) I don't care


  1. A coronation of Bob Rae, along with announcements from David McGuinty, Mark Holland, Marc Garneau, and Gerard Kennedy that they will possibly run in the "coronation".

  2. I am sure the ndpq was taking notes on what not to do at their leadership convention in March.
    I wonder if the people responsible for Dion's video were in charge of technology today. lol

  3. The Liberals voted against forcing resolutions into the party platform (too bad, with the legalize weed vote coming tomorrow), but yes to allowing strangers to walk in off the street and vote for party leader without paying any money.

  4. LOL MT - our minds must think alike. I made that very same statement about the techie guy on twitter. too funny. Of course, if this had been happening at the CPC convention, we all know the media would have been guffawing and saying that the CPC aren't ready to govern the country, etc. etc. etc.