Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preaching Pension Reform To Europeans

Why are some people so pissed off that Prime Minister Stephen Harper included pension reform in a speech to European economic leaders? Europe is on the verge of an economic collapse, due in no small part to an unsustainable public pension system and aging work force. The Canadian and European economies are closely linked, and if the Eurozone crumbles, it will have a significant negative effect on Canada. Frankly I'm happy that Mr Harper took that opportunity to discuss this globally important subject to that particular crowd. The NDP has been burning a lot of calories slamming the PM about where the words were spoken, but none of them have a decent answer for how we address these systemic problems.

There have also been gross exaggerations in the media and among opposition members about what exactly Harper said in Davos and the magnitude of the proposed changes. Brian Lilley wrote a great piece yesterday on his blog regarding this subject.


  1. Actually there have been lies, not just gros exaggerations, in the media and among opposition members about what the PM actually said. No wonder they have no credibility.

  2. things are changing. This world and the way we think is changing. I have been listening to the guy from and he has some very scary forecasts about these movements and the economy coming true. WOW!

  3. should a public sectoer employee who gets a $2200.00 per month pension have it reduced. that is not a lot of money for 35 years of service for someone who pays into their pension. this same employee will not get the oas it will be clawed back.

  4. Harper has a country to run. I hardly think a PM that runs the largest deficits in Canadian history has anything of use to say to other leaders.

    1. Good point! What is Harper's problem?