Thursday, January 12, 2012

If Bob Rae Wants To Run For Leader, He Should Resign Interim Job

If what many people believe is true and Bob Rae intends to break his promise and run for permanent Liberal leadership, then he has an ethical obligation to resign from the interim job. Staying in the leader's job while he campaigns for full time status provides him with an unfair advantage over his competitors (should any ever arise). Being the leader (even if it is for the 3rd place party) means he gets more face time on television and holds enough levers of power to advance his interests ahead of the other hopefuls. Having that power might also discourage others from entering the race. That's a big reason that the party made him promise that if he becomes the temporary leader that he would not run for the permanent job. There's nothing wrong if he has ambition to be leader. If he wants the job he should run for it, but do so fairly.

Today's poll question; is it fair to the other competitors if a political leadership candidate holds the interim position of party leader?


  1. Ethics, Liberals, Bob Rae - not usually found in the same sentence. lol Cheers.

  2. In this case the increased exposure gives his competitors an advantage.An old bucktoothed pansy is not attractive to Liberals of any age.

  3. He promised that he would not run for the leadership of the liberal party. If that party is merged with another, that's a different thing altogether.
    I'll cut to the chase and let you fill in the blanks.
    By 2014 the leadership will be a contest between sideshow Bob, and Tommy Two-Face Mulclair.

  4. If the LibDippers merge,
    Libs 35, Dips 105..... Mulcair would be leader, not Rae.

    So the LPC has to take one more go at an election to try to reverse those numbers so Libs are on top before the merger or coalition of losers.

    All those spineless grassroots Libs will get onboard, just like they did with Dion and Iffy....

    Renewal is not even on the minds of the elites that run the LPC, it's about winning.

  5. Perhaps Rae should spend his time finding out what libs are really thinking, instead of telling us what the PM is thinking and what his plans are.

  6. Watching his reaction to Canadian law response to non-resident (some are ssm) marriages,
    it looks like Rae already has
    Liberal Leader Disease: intelligent person's lose perspective on reality and gallop towards mud wrestling pit at center stage.
    Iffy got LLD within 6 months of his coronation

  7. Let them crown another loser... it'd be great to see Iffy & Bob (the old college roommates) go down back to back, in trying to take on Harper

  8. Liberal stench re emerges. The fix is in.
    All you liberals are wasting your money at this convention.