Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Will Mitt Romney Ever Be Elected President?

Today's poll question in the wake of the Iowa caucus; will Mitt Romney ever be elected President of the United States? The live results with 97% of Iowa primary precincts reporting has Santorum with a razor thin lead ahead of Mitt. Fox News is currently reporting a dead heat. While Santorum might be the candidate about which I have the fewest complaints (we don't yet know much about him), he's more of a poor man's Mike Huckabee. There's a lot that I like about Ron Paul, but he takes Libertarianism too far for my comfort. He'll never be President, his son maybe.

At this point I'm pretty much convinced Romney will win the eventual nomination. Santorum will ultimately underachieve what Huckabee did last time around. Gingrich might be the smartest politicial mind in the field, but I have some trouble taking him seriously as a legitimate candidate. Rick Perry should drop out of the race as soon as is possible.

My question for you right now, will Romney ever hold the Oval Office?


  1. Romney will probably get the Republican nomination,but,barring a disaster such as Obama's America getting involved in a shooting war with Iran,I don't see Mitt as Prez.

    Maybe,if Romney chooses a VP running mate whose credentials are impeccable,and the U.S. economy continues to tank,he could give Obama a run, but the incumbent has the advantage and none of the Republicans is very exciting.

  2. No; the Republican party is now a subsidiary of the Religious Whackjob party, and they're not about to hand over the reins to someone that doesn't share their particular delusions. I'm glad that I don't have to make a choice in that election, because I wouldn't HAVE an acceptable choice.

  3. religious whack job party. another idiot who hates Christians. you would have a choice. you could vote for the half black, half white all commie obamma. you do lack critical analysis skills don't you.

  4. Speaking of not having "critical analysis skills", you must have missed the part where I wrote that "I wouldn't HAVE an acceptable choice", moron. Maybe if you delusional wingnuts can get together to the point where you can agree what a "christian" IS, you might have a point. Should I bend over and grab my ankles for a right-wing lunatic any more than I should do the same for a left-wing lunatic, or can't you see that far?

  5. The caucus was open to left wing religious 'lunatics' to vote too.
    All they had to do was register and voila, Dems become Republicans for one day.

    Same system as we have for Alberta PC leadership votes, which gave us redder than red Redford. Albertans have yet to vote on that LibDipper choice.

    Clinton came in 4th in Iowa and became Prez (if I heard right).

    After the American failed experiment with the 'yes we can' empty suit trainee,
    Republicans electing Mitt is just more of the same.
    Why would Americans choose that?

    Newt would get my vote.

  6. Apparently there was a lot of cheating going on for Obama to win in Iowa last time around. Hillary was outsmarted by even dirtier tactics.

    Really can't get enthusiastic about Mitt and I am afraid a lot of workers may not give their best for his reelection or not turn up at all to help. Too bad Paul is so extreme in his foreign policy ideas because I would much prefer someone who is not a social conservative.

    Newt seems to be the best debator but lacks organizing skills and tons of money. Would love to see him debate Obama.