Monday, January 9, 2012

Environmental Radicals

Today Natural Resources minister Joe Oliver released an open letter about the development our oil infrastructure which included the "controversial" statement; "unfortunately, there are environmental and other radical groups that would seek to block this opportunity to diversify our trade." I'm not sure that the minister was trying to characterize all environmental groups as radical, but that is not how the CBC's Evan Soloman saw it today. This topic consumed most of his program with their question of the day being "is it fair for Joe Oliver to characterize environmental groups as radical?" Eventually it led to speculation that the government is waging war on the environment. Elizabeth May and Stephane Dion were lead guests, and Mark Holland even showed up for a rant.

For my poll question, I'd like to know if you think Elizabeth May is a radical. The word radical doesn't imply violence, but rather a person who advocates far reaching opinions. Certainly conservatives are often characterized as radicals by the left, so their furious response to the minister's statement is somewhat hypocritical. Stay tuned, Evan insists he's going to be following this story very closely this week, as parliament is in recess and he has precious little else to talk about. You might remember Mr Oliver from Meghan Leslie's "if being a grumpy old makes you an expert" comment in Question Period not long ago, though sources tell me he has not yet been called a piece of shit.


  1. I agree! You go Joe! About time the bat-shit crazy envio-weenie and socialistas got a spankin'
    Cheers Bubba!

  2. Oliver's letter got the exact response PMSH was looking for!!!!

    Did you see the response from Dipper Blakie,
    her face was literally vibrating she was so mad.
    Both she and Holland said the entire world should have a say in Canada's enviro policy re: pipeline ( they mean Oilsands, cuz that's what this is about, not a pipeline but what it will transport)

  3. I loved the guy on Dave R today who asked questions for these wackos. Do you drive, do you fly, and many others that put a lie to all their so called concerns. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk.
    And yes, both Lizzie and Megan are radicals.

  4. Unfortunately every group today claiming to be environmentalist is radical, to the point that environmentalist has lost any sense of its true meaning much like the Liberals having nothing in common with true liberalism. I find the term radical totally appropriate, because one can never have any kind of reasonable debate with radicals.

  5. If the minister didn't want to characterise all environmental groups as radical then he shouldn't have said "evironmental and other radical groups." I think he meant what he said.

  6. Uh, Mike. Try taking a breath and reading it without the partisan glasses.

    "unfortunately, there are environmental and other radical groups that would seek to block this opportunity to diversify our trade."

    Fact #1. There are enviromental groups trying to block the pipeline.
    Fact #2. There are radical groups trying to block the pipeline.

    English 101. His statement refers to two seperate groups, enviromental and radical. It's not his fault the left-wing media has comprehension problems.

  7. Here's an example. unfortunately, there are catholic and other radical groups that would seek to block this.

    See? That sentence doesn't mean catholics are radicals.

  8. I believe you are getting your pieces of shit mixed up (Kent). Could you possibly correct your misinformation?

    'Mr Oliver has become quite the target in recent weeks, with Meghan Leslie calling him a grumpy old man and Trudeau calling him a piece of shit.'

  9. Thank you anonymous. Oliver and Kent are getting attacked by the same people for the same reason. Oliver was the target of the Meghan Leslie "if being a grumpy old man makes you an expert" comment in Question period.

    I just want to salute Peter Kent and Joe Oliver for their work dealing with these nut jobs.

  10. Paulsstuff has it right ... the Natural Resources Minister did not say ALL environmental groups are radical ... although it's not far from that reality, even if Oliver didn't say so.

    SoloMON -- sorry, Iceman, but that's the man's name, unless there's a reason I'm not aware of for why you use SoloMAN -- asked this question of the day, which he claimed to have rephrased in order "to be fair":
    "Is it fair for Joe Oliver to characterize environmental groups as radical?"

    That question implies Oliver means ALL environmental groups, which was not the case. If Solomon had stopped interrupting the minister, maybe what he actually said would have been clearer. At one point during the interview, Oliver clearly used the word "some". Unfortunately, the video of today's broadcast is not up yet -- unless Solomon decided not to post it -- so I cannot point out the exact words used by the minister.

    Solomon is getting worse with every passing day. He thinks he's participating in a junior debating society, having to demolish the Conservative guests' arguments instead of simply eliciting information or their POV. Between him and another frequent "interrupter", Ian Capstick, the Power & Politics show has become a pain to watch. Calling Don Newman!
    -- Gabby in QC

  11. Gabby, you spelled his name wrong, it is Ian Chapstick....

    I grew up as a student in the Don Cherry school of screwing up names (often deliberately so). I only make an effort to spell a name correctly if I have some respect for that person. At least I've backed off calling him E-Solo.

  12. Prime Minister Harper has watched the environuts take the initiative on anything remotely connected with energy production and has decided to get out in front on this issue. Be prepared to see an all out blitz by the Conservatives to paint the "don't build anything" kooks as the nutbars they are. He has chosen the perfect moment to launch an attack on these Luddites; unemployment is still high, budget deficits are still high, and Canadian's concerns about the economy are still high. The public will take jobs over dreamland environmental scare tactics and it has given Mr. Harper the chance to take these moonbats down a peg. Unlike the messiah of left in the U.S., Harper is willing to confront these idiots...and he will prevail!

  13. OK, so now I know the reason for SoloMAN and CHAPstick. Mind you, I could use different names for them, but it would be rude to use those in polite company, so I'll refrain.
    -- Gabby in QC

  14. Well Gabby, you have more refrain than I...

  15. Paulsstuff and Mike: because the sentence was spoken, i believe that both interpretations are possible. Consider the two following phrases:

    1) Environmental and other, radical, groups...

    2) Environmental, and other radical, groups...

    In the first sentence, radical is inserted as a qualification of the split subject "other groups". In the second sentence, radical is inserted as a qualification of the split subject "environmental groups".

    Take your pick, both are feasible constructions of the sentence spoken by the minister.

    The commas are awkward in both sentences and are not necessary for either of the sentences to be punctuated correctly, but they serve to show the different ways of understanding them. Ultimately I feel as though the debate must be decided by asking the Minster.

  16. A pipeline from Alberta thru to the Westcoast is not a new novel idea.
    It already exists!
    A pipeline from Edmonton to Burnaby, with Alberta oil running thru it, called Trans Mountain.

    Kinder Morgan plans to build an expansion to carry 400,000 barrels per day of Oilsands bitumen, on their EXISTING right of ways.
    Yup, oiltankers , under Vancouver bridges...a daily occurance.

    The Kitimat project can load bigger tankers, therefore fill bigger orders.

  17. "Unfortunately, there are environmental and other radical groups that would seek to block this opportunity to diversify our trade."

    That is what Minister Oliver himself wrote, without the commas suggested by Freedom87. And the minister was asked by Solomon if he meant ALL environmental groups. He said no, but he did say SOME groups were indeed radical.

    Unfortunately, the video of yesterday's interview is not yet available, which I find strange. I would have liked to transcribe verbatim what the minister said and what Solomon interpreted from that. No matter how many times Solomon says "to be fair", he is far from it. He was practically having conniptions at the mere thought that the finger is being pointed at some environmental groups' less than honourable motives & methods.
    -- Gabby in QC

  18. old white guy says all enviornmental groups are radicals. just try and talk to them about their position and see how quick you get the radical part.

  19. "Radical" is an entirely fair description of Elizabeth May. For that matter, so is "lunatic". I'd say she's getting off lightly.

  20. So, Joe Oliver says that "Environmentalists and other radical groups etc"
    At this point from what they say, the Enviro-nuts are convinced that Al Gore is G** and Suzuki is his prophet.
    Having watched Elizabeth May talk non stop when our PM was speaking, shrieking and sticking her pudgy little paws in the man's face.
    Well I think Minister Oliver is being way too polite.
    It's not like he called them "pieces of shit" which was Justin of Trudeau's contribution to the debate.
    As another old white(grumpy) guy I am sick and tired of the sheer hypocrisy of the enviro groups.
    They are Quislings financed by foreign money.
    That they enjoy tax free status as "charitable foundations" is as absurd as their beliefs.
    cheers Bubba

  21. Vote in today's poll

    The question is, should these groups have their charitable status revoked, and when I voted it was 92% saying yes.

  22. @ paulsstuff and freedom87

    Thank you both for your comments. It can be difficult to determine whether one is hearing a comma or not. I relistened to the Minister's comments and I don't infer the presence of a comma but I fully appreciate that others may infer something else. Not detecting a comma, I heard the Minister say "environmental and other radical groups", the word "other" indicating that the environmentals are included in the community of radical groups. That's the way I took it, I understand why paulsstuff took it a different way and freedom87 is right in that we should ask the Minister if we're really interested.

    As far as the issue itself goes, environmental assessments do take forever and if there's a way to speed them up without compromising the scientific investigation and the public consultation process then I'm all for streamlining. We don't need to hear 20 members of the same organisation repeat the same facts and opinions but we don't need to hustle projects through without considering the potential consequences.

  23. Easy there Rae.The Prime minister has every right to get involved since these enviro groups are being financed by outside forces.Ironically financed by billionaires with an agenda.

    Thats called meddling.Unlike Syria's dictator or Iranian religious kooks, we dont shoot them and ask questions later.Instead we let them speak ,so Canadians can decide and see for themselves what these folks are all about.

    Mark my words ,Obama will lose 2012 election over this pipeline issue if he doesnt approve it.It will become an issue this year.


  24. Its actually outright hypocrisy of these said enviro groups to oppose a unification of the North American continent but yet allow funding to be pulled from some of the richest sources in the North American economy.

    Keeping watching Canada and remain vigilant.