Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bob Rae Fighting Words!

Today Bob Rae gave a rousing speech ahead of the Liberal convention that he's ready to fight back against Stephen Harper's attacks. He's ready to drop the gloves with the big bad wolf, except that I'm not aware of any coordinated campaign "attacking" him, certainly not in the same manner as Ignatieff. Most of the chatter right now are from bloggers and pundits complaining about the things he says and does. Why would the Tories waste time and money attacking the TEMPORARY leader of the 3rd place party when they are in the first year of a four year majority? Aren't you stepping down in 2013 Bob? Isn't that the promise you made in order to get the leader's job?

This speech today about fighting back against attacks is more about rallying the troops for the convention and trying to get attention than it is about making on honest appraisal of the political climate. He needs to win some hearts and minds in his own party, because there's a reason he was made to promise he would not run for permanent leader if he became temporary leader. In terms of campaigning to get the job, it is an unfair advantage, even if you're only just leading a third place party.


  1. Just wondering, Apps says over 1/3 of those attending so will they have red thongs and condoms for sale this time around. They did last time. That could be the reason Dion won, not enough delegates showed up to vote.

  2. Probably, they are all a bunch of ----- (not allowed to say that word).

  3. Anyone who didn't think that Rae "lusted" for the job of Liberal leader has been living under a rock in the Canadian Shield. He will be leader - and the Liberals will finally have the leadership they deserve. lol

  4. Why would the CPC waste any money attacking an "interim" leader of a third place party ??? Besides, Rae's dismal governing record is so well known, there won't be much need to point it out with tv ads.

    Anyway, we've seen this same "defend the leader" attempt at generating donations in early 2009. The Libs were boasting about all the money raised to help defend Iggy against the expected attacks.

    Then some Lib bloggers started wondering when that money would actually be spent. So what does Iggy do ... he films a 90 second monologue about himself, and it only airs on the internet !

    It's all a frigging scam on Lib donors.

    1. Oh right , the Enchanted Forest spot.
      Well if the best Liberals can come up with in 2015, after 9 years in pergatory, is Bob Rae and Sheila Copps.... they will be merging with Mulcair's party.

      Rae lost to both Dion and Iffy in 2007

  5. Agreed!"Much ado about nothing" Which was after all a comedy.
    Cheers Bubba

  6. Harper’s attacks??? Come on Rae! The entire Province of Ontario would be bankrupt if it wasn’t for Alberta, their transfer payments and the fortitude of Prime Minister Harper himself. Grow up Rae and get a life!