Friday, January 13, 2012

Well Done Andrew Coyne

While it is true that I was not nearly as excited about Andrew Coyne's return to the National Post as the National Post was, tonight he authored a magnificent piece about the shoddy journalism that went bananas yesterday over the phony gay marriage conspiracy story. This was better than anything he wrote for MacLeans.

"This week’s media meltdown over same-sex marriage for foreign tourists was one of the more disgraceful episodes in the long history of phoney controversies in this country: a toxic mix of shrewd lawyering, shoddy reporting and partisan opportunism, all without the slightest reference to the relevant, and easily obtainable, facts."


  1. So what?
    Andrew Coyne moves back to the Post and now he's writing stuff you want to hear?
    After his Liberal endorsement I can see clearly that there ain't nothing going on but the rent.

    There's an old joke that goes something like this:
    You can fly to the moon and that's what they will remember you for.
    You can cure cancer and that's what they will remember you for.
    But if you suck just one cock...

  2. This is not a full endorsement of Coyne. He was among my favourites once upon a time, but not so much the last few years. I just really enjoyed what he wrote in this article.

  3. Coyne has some very poorly thought out ideas. Take for example his support for no limits to immigration.

  4. Even a Liberal can sometimes spot baloney. This last one really makes the leftard media look desperate.

    Have we got a tally of the crap they have made up so far? Off the top of my head I can think of wafergate, Putin/Harper single combat for world domination hockey, and what else?

  5. ...This of course, there has to be more.

  6. The medias problem was that the story involved the juxtaposition of two terms that makes them lose any reason they ever had, conservative and same sex-marriage.
    From their naive pov, this was proof that all hell was breaking out.
    A more reasoned person, well just about anyone else, would be thinking two people came here to get married and now they don't want to be married and are upset because the bureaucrats claimed they where not really married....which is what they supposedly wanted....unless the real reason they filed for divorce is to get attention.
    The media in an effort to re-print their "VRWC" theme cannot recognize this fact lest it force them to confront other facts.
    Living outside the MTV for them is equated with perdition.

  7. I have to confess that, while the available facts seemed odd, I imagined the worst scenario and assumed that the Conservatives were sneaking around...glad I was wrong.

  8. The Tories just rained on the left's perfectly good bout of paranoia and hysteria on Friday.

    The Star had to retract one of their poorly researched articles (Putin/Harper) is it possible the media might now want to start actually - gasp - get their facts right first.

  9. It was good to see someone in the MSM to have the courage and honesty to write the truth. For Canadians there was a non issue from the beginning with the exception being the chattering class, the radical gay lobby and the MSM. While Coyne has often written some rather silly things, one must give him credit for stating it like it is this time.

  10. Coyne's generally a buffoon, but that doesn't mean that there aren't things so simple that even he can't get them right. He got this exactly right, so more power to him.

    As the saying goes, "Many true words are spoken through false teeth". No matter how dodgy the source, what matters is whether what it says is true.