Thursday, January 5, 2012

Liberals Seek To Reduce Leader's Power

At next week's Liberal convention, members will be voting on a set of new reforms designed to curb the power of the party's leader. The party must recognize the inevitability of Bob Rae running for permanent leadership and are seeking to reduce his power before he's able to do so. The two major powers they are seeking to eliminate are Rae's ability to unilaterally decide party policy and his ability to bypass individual riding associations to appoint his own candidates. It makes sense for the Liberals to prevent Rae from having these powers before the next election, as the former NDP Premier is a serious risk to enact his Marxist hidden agenda and appoint his cronies who helped make his government one of the most destructive in Canadian history.

This is a smart move for the Liberals. Cut Rae off at the knees before he becomes the permanent leader. At this point does anyone doubt that Bob is going to fight for the full time job?


  1. Rae's hidden Marxist agenda? Well, he has to have something besides failure as Preem in Ontario, no?

  2. Just to be clear, the Liberals don't have an agenda other then to be in power.
    It will be years before they can be competitive again - if ever, so there is no point in making any policies.
    They remind me of Grandkids, whining just to hear themselves.
    It's a lonely world out there when you have no one listening to you.

  3. I hope and pray Bob Rae becomes permanent leader of the Liberal Party. Rae is well known as are all his faults and failures,and while he may look good raging in the House,no one in their right mind wants him to actually lead the Country.

    Bob is perfect, full of righteous indignation and bluster,and he has the ear of about 25% of the voters in this Nation.


  4. So what are the chances that the Bureaucrat and Corporate owners of the Liberal Party are going to go along with what these little Liberal Party turds think or do. Who do they think they are!
    They can pretend all they want, but in the end they'll always do as they're told. If the Uppity-Ups again un-democratically install another "Leader" like they did with "what's his face", these mouth breathing imbeciles will go along with it again and again.

  5. The NDPPQ and Lieberals will join together and become 1 party.They now have the same socialist beliefs,so ultimately they will form 1 party,as they hate Mr. Harper so much they will do just about anything to try to defeat him.I just seen Martha Hall Findlay on P&P"s,and I can't for the life of me understand how she lost her seat.She is very knowledgeable,and I liked her even before the May election.She is definitely the best leader for the liberals.I would like to see her run for the CPC.Gerald

  6. The NDP and the Liberals are NOT a natural fit. The Dippers are the Party of Big Union,the Liberals are the Party of Crony Capitalism,and never the twain shall meet.

    They may agree on a few points,but overall they're naturally at odds with one another.

    Which is GOOD!

  7. "Liberals seek to reduce leaders power"... somewhere in the bowels of hell, Trudeau weeps...

  8. Don't count the Conservatives out. Mr. Harper isn't done yet. This government has already spent more than any other Canadian government in history and much of that can legitimately be debated as being questionable. Mr. Harper is changing actual government and how it runs are these good changes? I find this a concern worth investigating. Why does Mr. Harper want mega jails possibly tendered to Enbridge and oil company? Where are you going Mr. Harper? Statistics say that crime in Canada is going down steadily despite occasional spikes. I have more questions about what is happening right now rather than what might happen.