Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is Mark Carney A Liberal?

When exactly did Mark Carney become a candidate to lead the Liberal Party? I wasn't even aware that the Bank of Canada Governor was a Liberal, let alone a contender for their leadership. From the 30 minutes of research I did on Google, it looks like Lawrence Martin (the not so trusted author of "Harperland: the politics of control") just pulled the idea out of his ass one day and others have since used that to speculate that Carney could run for Liberal leader. Now he's even being included in EKOS polls regarding the leadership race, enthusiastically reported by Jane Taber:

"And just to stir the pot, Mr. Graves threw Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney into the mix.

Some pundits, like The Globe’s Lawrence Martin, have suggested the central banker could become Liberal leader after the next election."

Did anyone ever think to ask Mark Carney? Should somebody ask him to set the record straight? Quite a number of journalists and bloggers have since reported about the possibility of Carney running for the Liberals, and those voices are coming from the left. It's spreading, due in large part to the number of Liberals desperate for a respectable candidate.


  1. This isn’t surprising in the least.
    The Democrat Party is heavily financed and controlled by Wall Street bankers.
    Liberals being Liberals, they mindlessly want to ape everything the American Democrats do even when it doesn’t make any sense.
    I just wish that these American wannabees ingrates would emigrate.

    1. And let's not forget gun control, abortion, human rights, healh care, religion, tough on crime policies, environmental issues, etc.

      Oh, sorry. I got confused with the Conservatives vis-a-vis the Republicans.

  2. I didn't think Carney was a Liberal. I didn't even think he was cool towards the Conservatives. Though I suppose I had heard of "chilly Con Carney"...

  3. If Carney was a Liberal he would be telling Harper to stop running record deficits. Liberals balance budgets Tories overspend.