Friday, January 6, 2012

Are You Worried About Our Economy?

This morning on the CBC they were reporting a poll that many Canadians are pessimistic about the state of the economy, which the CBC financial analyst speculated could lead to a "self fulfilling prophecy". That even if the economy is strong relative to the rest of the world, the citizenry need only believe we are experiencing a catastrophe for it to become reality. Today's poll question; do you feel that Canada is in the midst of an economic catastrophe? I'm assuming that Tory supporters are more optimistic about Canada's economic reality than those on the left.

Ultimately the greatest concern for Canada is the potential collapse of the European economy and what the implications of that would mean for us here. But our financial system is very strong and our economy will endure any global crisis better than most countries. This is the time of the year when people are more likely to be pessimistic about their own finances once their credit card bills start coming in from Christmas and retail outlets experience a holiday hangover. But the sky is not falling. You don't need to run to the bank to empty your account, or start hoarding resources.

Canada will be fine, and the right people are in charge.


  1. I'm worried about Ontario's economy.

  2. Too late I think Joanne. You folks really have to dump McSpender first.

    Rob C

  3. Creating stories to create fear in the populace is not a good thing, but it in the cbcs best interest. It is a self preservation thing, trying to increase anger against the Consrvative goverment. Their not acting in the best interest of the country.

  4. I totally agree with anonymous.If the CPC doesn't stop giving the CBC over a billion dollars a year,then I won't be voting for them.Can't stand James Moore,as he knows he shouldn't be giving the CBC that money,but he's a coward and just thinking about getting elected.Gerald

  5. I thought they cut the cbc bye 10 percent. anyways I am not pestimistic. the europeans are starting to come around. slowly but I thought not to long ago that Canadians were the happiest People around. because of our financial status. I don't have credit cards to payoff all I ever used is a Visa Debit card and I saved up cash and used about 500 dollars for my whole christmas shopping.

  6. ClownPartyofCanadaJanuary 6, 2012 at 7:02 AM

    Gerald [5:52 am], I agree. " ... but he's a coward and just thinking about getting elected."

    If the National (PC) Government was serious about cutting spending, then it would cut at least 1/3 of our money to Constantly Bashing Conservative/Christian [CBC.] And then the following years keep cutting until the get no funding from us.

    Thr Government are a bunch of cowards when it comes to many things - because they would rather follow the fear mongering of special interest groups instead of facts, such as:

    Letting Dr. Fruitfly get the charity status;

    EnviroMENTALists deciding policies in Canada - which supposably produce 2% of "green house gases on this planet;

    Change the Indian Act so the natives can be treated as Canadians - instead of being special so that the laws are equal for them as with the rest of Canada etc ... even though the Native and opposition want changes.

    Keep the same or cut the wages of Federal Sival Services - which they would never do. This could also be done by getting rid of duplicate programd.

    The list could go on. Basically, if they read the blogs like this, they would get plenty of suggestions.

  7. I don't worry about the CBC spreading pessimism but I do worry about jerks like this being lionized by Canadian talk show hosts, including conservative ones. Celente rants on and on about the greedy 1%ers, playing on the envy of the 99%, promoting class warfare, justifying civil disobedience but never suggesting any solutions.
    -- Gabby in QC

  8. ClownPartyofCanadaJanuary 6, 2012 at 7:06 AM

    Sorry abou spelling mistakes.

  9. old white guy says if you have money invested for your retirement you should be very concerened. our debt is too high, interest rates are too low, government spending continues to rise at all levels and the money suppy is being increased at a rate that makes money lose value unless you are getting in excess of a 6% return. canadians should be very worried even though we do have a conservative government they have to start acting like conservatives.

  10. The elephant in our economic living room is the crippling regulation and pandering to special interests. Canada is wealthy beyond imagination but so constipated by bad policy that we have to look to other, freer, countries to provide for us. My son, a mineral process engineer, is considering leaving Canada because his clients are largely overseas - no surprise since investment money tends to go where it is most welcome. If senior levels of govt. and the Supreme Court don't act to reverse their anti-development attitudes financial collapse will do it for them. Not with a bang ...
    Eric Doll

  11. O/T ... Iceman, I notice that my bookmark for your page is stuck at the post "The Dictator" whereas previously, the bookmark would log into the most recent post. Is there a change at your end or at mine?
    -- Gabby in QC

  12. Agenda 21 destroying farmland and limiting crops, Climate scam legislation destroying energy production and driving costs sky high,massive debt across the board, Europe and the USA run by communists working hard to destroy their economies for political ends.
    Yes I'm a little worried.

  13. Yawn... another day another "the sky is falling because you elected a Conservative Government" "Story" "Crisis"
    Where is bankrupt Bob?
    The CBC never sleeps.
    In other news showing the decline of civilisation as we knew it "Little Mosque on the Prairie" is Gasp! doing it's last show!
    OH Canada!
    Cheers Bubba

  14. Odd that CBC is coming out now on the economy right after Dalton's own mess. Funny, that they have not mention for months or even years of Dalton slow disaster.

    But since it is happening while the fed cons are in government. CBC speaks out. In other words. Dalton collaspe to Ontario is not his fault but that of the federal government.
    If the liberals or the ndp coalition were in government and Dalton's mess occuring. CBC will never mention it.

  15. Maybe but here is the thing: The catasrophe already happened. People and businesses that were in danger of going under already went under. Creative destruction already took place. This economy is battle hardened for trouble.

  16. When 35% of the Canadian population is propping up the 65% of the have-nots thru equalization welfare, yes it is a worry.

    The nanny states of Quebec and Ontario are a drag on us all.

  17. A surprising number of Canadians are waxing smug about our economy,while cackling gleefully about the Obama States and all the trouble they're in.

    We are irrevocably tied to the U.S. economy,and we should be worried,whatever hits them will eventually bite us.

    Harper can start to stave off the inevitable by continuing to get rid of government supply-side monopolies,and let the free market prevail.

    The "elephant" in Canada is the favored and protected Marketing Boards,which control the prices on our food. Get rid of just the dairy and poultry MB's and Canadians would collectively save billions.

    Next, revoke ALL carbon taxes,save us more money.

    Then,Harper should remove the charitable status of all the groups that are trying to kill off our economy,Greenpeace,Suzuki foundation,and ban foreign sources of funding for these organizations.

    James Moore is going to make an appearance with our local MP here, and several of us Conservatives are looking forward to finding out exactly WHY he is so reluctant to cut CBC funding. I'll report anything we hear,on here.

    Harper may do future generations of Canadians a big favour if he can figure out a solution to the "Indian Question" at the conference later this month. I don't have much hope though,as everyone in the media and opposition is waiting with bated breath to call him a "RACIST" if he tries to do anything sensible.