Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ann Coulter Doesn't Like Newt Gingrich

Ann Coulter really doesn't like Newt Gingrich. She's endorsing Romney as the only candidate who can beat Obama, and is miffed that Newt managed to win the Carolina primary. See the video below for her full argument on why Gingrich is the wrong candidate for the Republicans in this election. Coulter, you may recall, once said she'd rather vote for Hillary Clinton than John McCain. That was at the beginning of the 2008 primary process. She said she would campaign for Hillary if McCain was the Republican candidate. McCain went on to lose the election.


  1. About the only difference I can see between McCain and Romney is the colour of their hair.

  2. There will be a lot of people eating their words if Newt gets elected.

  3. She's right. Newt would lose to Obama. It'd be a land side.

  4. no it wouldn't can't you guys see the media won't be able to protect obama because newt gingrich knows how to work it and he is way smarter then oboma. and knows the insides and out.Newt gingirch is also a great debater and speaker. newt knows how to turn debates around to his favour and like I said the media will not be able to hide behind obama. mitt Romeny not aggressive enough to take on the media. he is not a walking encyclopida. newt gingrich will be able to catch all the gaffes obama makes in the debate.

  5. besides president obama will use mitt Romenys low taxes to his advantage and Mitt romeny don't do a good job explaining that. where as Newt gingrich does and you saw that last nite in the debate newt gingrich took the high ground told people to go to his web site. and made Mitt Romeny say me to me to on a few things when newt gingich wet to the middle ground he trapped mitt romeny and newt would not fall for those.

  6. As much as I agree with much of what Ann says, I strongly disagree with her on this. She has been pushing Romney from the start for whatever reason, but it is time for the Republicans to pick a real conservative. Romney is not conservative in the least. They made this same mistake with McCain and should have learned, but the Republican establishment and Ann did not.

  7. Newt Gingrinch makes John Kerry look like a steadfast, consistent decision maker.

    Heck, Newt Gingrinch makes Mitt Romney look like a steadfast, consistent decision maker AND Bill Clinton look like a puritan.

    Obama is salivating at the prospect of either one of these guys.

  8. Anne, Anne, Anne.
    Just what Newt has been saying...he has smoked out the Republican elitists...and you're one of them!
    Good job Newt!

  9. Her twitter feed is a non-stop Romney endorsement. Has been for months. Some people are making the distinction between the new Anne and the old Anne.

  10. Anne Coulter is delusional if she thinks Mr.Clean (Romney) can defeat Obama.

    American politics is defined by sound bites and appearances,has been ever since Joe Kennedy steered U.S. political campaigns that way to elect his boy,Jack.

    It has been thus since. Were it not,there is no chance in hell Obama would have gotten within a mile of the White House.

    The republicans can nominate Mitt Romney,of Pleasantville,U.S.A., or Newt Gingrich, street fighter,lecher,serial adulterer,in other words, Mr.Average American politician.

    The MSM Party is going to pull out all the stops to get their boy elected again,and Romney won't survive that meat grinder,Gingrich will thrive on it.

    Debates; Romney-white businessman versus a noble black affirmative action victim,the spectre of white oppression will always be in the background,and Obama will win handily with well rehearsed platitudes.

    Obama versus Gingrich;Newt the orator,the crabby old white guy who is a verbal Muhammad Ali,will whip Obama's ass and make him look sad and sorry,while he excoriates the MSM sycophants moderating the debates.

    Gingrich was by NO means my first choice,but now that Herman Cain is gone, Reps have to look at who can fight the dirty fight and lambaste the verbal stumblebum,Obama-without-his-teleprompter,and it isn't Romney.

    Coulter is wrong,as she often is. I think Coulter suffers "Howard Cosell" syndrome,wherein she's begun to believe her own PR and actually imagines she's a bloody political genius.