Tuesday, January 17, 2012

North Korean Vacations

Great news for travelers out there, as North Korea will be opening its borders to international tourism. Sure, cell phones will be confiscated and you will have two government "chaperons" following you everywhere; but you will finally get the opportunity to experience this beautiful utopia in the flesh. Who wouldn't want to golf the same course where Dear Leader famously shot 11 holes in one in a single round? The amusement park "POW Land" is still in the planning stages...

All joking aside, it is a step in the right direction that the North Koreans will start letting people in; but it remains unclear how many they are going to let out. I'm sure most tourists will be allowed to leave, but question how many North Korean citizens will be permitted to vacation abroad. Anyone planning to visit North Korea should go to great lengths to memorize all of their laws inside and out. The last place you want to end up is in a North Korean prison without your phone.

Today's poll question; are you interested in taking a vacation to North Korea?


  1. It looks like it's a geographically beautiful country and some of the early Korean art and architecture would be neat to see. Mind you, it is a totalitarian country and being a big white guy with a short fuse might not work all that well for me.

  2. I refuse to provide any sort of financial support to totalitarian regimes. Yes, I realize that I purchase most of my stuff from China and probably most of my oil comes from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, but that doesn't mean I have to voluntarily help prop up those regimes.

  3. I had heard (and believed) a lot of the same things that we hear about North Korea with respect to Cuba. Then I went to see it for myself. It's absolutely nothing like the stories you hear coming out of Miami.

    So, in that respect, yes, I'd be more than willing to visit North Korea if the price was right, if for no other reason than to see for myself instead of taking someone else's word.

  4. I'd gladly go to NK,in the Summer, and IF my way was paid by one of our public sector Unions.

    Brrr, please expand on that first statement of your post. I've never been to Cuba,so as you have, your observations would be interesting.

  5. I served with the PPCLI in Afghanistan fighting totalitarianism and seen friends DIE and be severely wounded and maimed. Would I support North Korea ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I think any Canadian that would support them in any way should be taken out and shot at dawn as traitors!

    @dmorris . SHAME ON YOU. While your in NK on the tab of your union remember the 158 live that were lost in Afghanistan fighting the very oppression you support. Also don’t forget the 309 Canadian soldiers that died there during the Korean war and the 1055 that were wounded. Also while your there ask about the 30 MIA Canadian soldiers cause I’m sure their families would be want some closure after all these years.

    Don’t choke on any spicy cabbage!

  6. Hi all,

    LGBT persons in North Korea may or may not face legal challenges not experienced by non-LGBT residents. As one of the most secretive and reclusive states in the world little is known for certain about the experiences of LGBT persons in North Korea. Though there does not seem to be any specific legislation against homosexuality, the subject is believed to be highly taboo within the country. Thanks a lot.....

  7. Give me a cheap holiday in someone else's misery!

  8. No offense anonymous, but I have to delete that. You aren't the one who would get sued, that would be me. Take your shit someplace else.