Monday, January 30, 2012

Parliament Is Back!

Canadian Parliament is back in session after a lengthy winter vacation, so please try to contain your enthusiasm. Here's what you can expect in the immediate future; the NDP will go bananas on pensions making exaggerated speculative speeches and proclamations that are more fear mongering than actual facts. You won't hear the NDP propose sustainable solutions to a real problem, then again, that's nothing new for the Dippers. Nearly two more months with Nicole Turmel at the helm means that Bob Rae and the Liberals will surely continue to siphon support from the slowly crumbling NDP.

Bobby will be selective in his battles, but the longer he's the alternative voice to Nicole Turmel, the more the NDP will bleed support to the Liberals. I'm trying to get a bet going with "Pundit's Guide" that the NDP will do worse in the next federal election regardless of who wins the leadership. I'm even offering odds. Let's face it, for as much as I dislike Bob Rae, he is a far more deft politician than anyone in the NDP caucus. There has to be at least a few Dippers that wish Bob were running for the NDP leadership instead of the Liberals.


  1. PG is no fool,but I'd have doubts about anyone that would take that bet!

    It would be safer to bet the Leafs will take the Cup in 2012.

    The NDP had a temporary blip in their traditional support mainly due to Jack Layton's willingness to promise Quebec everything they ever wanted,while lying about it to the Rest of Canada.

    Now that they're without Saint Jack the Liar,they should go back to Number 3,it's their rightful place in Canadian politics.

  2. Regardless of who the ndpq pick as leader, I predict, that he/she will do to the ndpq what iggy did to the liberals. Another leadership race in 2015 for the ndpq. But, as the libs might get back to 2nd place, no leadership race for them after 2015 and their new leader can dream that he, and he alone, was responsible for this.

    1. In my view, no matter where the ndpq go they will take the libs with them. They have been hinting on numerous occasion the libs' own EI scandal and the cuts they libs, made to the funds that was for the provinces' healthcare.

      And, no amount of media will be able to stop the ndpq from taking down the libs because the very same nutheads in the media that overlooked the libs disaster will also be under attack by the NDPQ. no wonder the media are very cautious at what they say and do to the ndpq.

  3. Three petitions just presented to defund the cbc.
    lizzie is presenting a petion re not overturning the ban on tankers on the west coast.

    1. there is always a home base for the CBC to nestle.... in the wilderness where the Taliban live

  4. Someone at The Blogging Tories yesterday asked the musical question; "why do we never see Bob Rae say anything against oil tanker traffic on the East Coast".

    That's a good question. Tanker traffic is undoubtedly a lot heavier on the East Coast than it ever will be on the West Coast.

    So, B.C. is supposed to survive as this pristine wilderness with no jobs save the low-paid tourism industry,while most of us sit on welfare watching the bears and whales?

    I may have mentioned this before,but it bears repeating; I'm not fond of Elizabeth May.

    1. It's the same reason the Conservatives are against the Wheat Board monopoly but is in favour of the Egg and dairy board monopolies. It's all about local politics.

  5. Intersting statement was heard today.
    There was a political scientist being interviewed on SNN today about the session and what was going to be the nature and subject of debate.
    During that discussion the prof referred to the opposition like it was one party using a name I think will stick.
    He called them "the Liberal-New Democrats"
    I think the name will stick due to the factual observation that on most if not all opposition positions they are virtually the same.
    Keep an ear to the ground on this, I suspect you might hear the term being used a lot this session.