Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romney Wins Big In Florida

As the results pour in from the critically important Florida primary, it has become clear that Mitt Romney has won the state by a large margin. Newt Gingrich had all the momentum following a big win in South Carolina, securing endorsements from Sarah Palin and Herman Cain. Either those plugs benefited Romney more than Gingrich, or Newt's brilliant idea to colonize the moon did not go over as well as expected. Florida has by far the most delegates of any state thus far in the primaries, and is a big prize for the Mormon millionaire. As of right now with 81% of county's reporting, Romney has 47%, Newt 32%, Santorum 13%, and Paul 7%.

I have never been a fan of Mitt Romney, but believe he has the best chance of defeating Obama. Republicans need to attract people who voted for Obama in the last election. Romney is almost a carbon copy of John Kerry (minus the military service), where Gingrich is much more of a John McCain (again minus the military service). Besides, every time I hear the name Newt, I'm reminded of a centaur from a bad Hercules cartoon from the 60s. If we're lucky, Romney will pick up Newt's colonize the moon plan, allowing Gingrich to go quietly into the night instead of trying to help Obama win re-election.

I would like to run a poll question regarding Newt's biggest weakness and one for Mitt's biggest weakness. Your suggestions are welcome.


  1. I would pick their biggest strengths. The obvious weakness with Romney is the class warfare that the empty suit is going to employ will eviscerate Mittens and while he's on the ropes Oblamebush will put his Socialist boots to him.

    Newt, the Herculean Centaur, on the other hand scares the Bejesus out of Obama and his cohorts, not to mention the rest of the Old Guard on the Beltway. I think that Obama will steam roll Mittens and I'm not sure that his being in there as custom crafted opponent for Obama isn't planned.

  2. old white guy says. it would seem that romney and newt are in the rino catagory. while obama is dangerous to any one who loves freedom i can't see the huge changes needed to put the u.s. on a sound financial track coming from mitt or newt. like many here my annual trek to flordia involves talking politics with residents at the condo we stay at. three years ago many thought obama was a good idea. they have changed their minds since then.

  3. just for the record it was 46 32 not 47

    1. Yes, that's why I wrote "As of right now with 81% of county's reporting".

      That 1% difference really changes things...