Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Iggy's Iron Whip

Tonight Parliament will be voting on whether or not to scrap the long gun registry, and Liberal leader Mike Ignatieff has announced that he will be whipping his caucus to save the registry. The last time Iggy whipped his caucus to try and force the government to fund abortions in Africa instead of fighting disease, some of his MPs refused to show up, which killed the Liberal bill. Iggy has insisted in recent interviews that all his MPs will show up this time and vote in unison even though some of them oppose the registry. I will be very interested to see who shows up and who does not.


  1. The consequences to Iffy's powerplay begins.
    The first of many is talking points, gone:

    'Ignatieff muzzles Newfoundland and Labrador MPs'
    ....Reporters really wanted to ask the MPs how they planned to vote and what pressures they are under — but they wouldn’t speak. Score 0 for backdrop MPs.

  2. Iron Whip? Iggy the dominatrix?

    If anyone skips the vote his leadership will be questioned again.

    The sheep or backdrop can be applied to the NDP and Liberals more frequently now.

    The media is too lazy or afraid to look at the voting pattern of the Bloc.

    It is easy for the media to target the CPC as over controlling but after this free vote, each party will take a hit.

    Will the NDP suffer more at the ballot if Liberals blow it and a flu takes hold?

  3. Methinks the Liberals & the NDP fell into a well laid trap.

  4. The the majority of Canadians wanted to keep the LGR,
    Iffy wouldn't have had to whip his MPs,
    and Jack wouldn't have had to bully his MPs into submission.

  5. Bert said...
    Methinks the Liberals & the NDP fell into a well laid trap.

    And, their beloved media.

    Ignatieff and Layton are bullies over their caucus and their media. Yet they blame the PM for being a bully.
    NDPers talk and talk and talk for days on an issues their like and want to on vote; but when the day come to vote on that bill- they change their minds.

    Pat Martin waa one of them who was in favour of the conservatives implimenting a law against 'drag racing', Pat spoke on this issue which is occuring in Winnepeg; but, again, when the day came to vote on this bill, Pat Martin, after all that talk decided not to vote on the bill. A normal procedure seen by socialists.

  6. All of the Liberal MPs are going to vote to kill the registry today. This virtually guarantees it -

    This terrible trajedy, in no way of course, would have been prevented by the LGR. But that won't matter. 11th hour optics, thanks to the Toronto Star is going to win the day for the supporters of the LGR.

  7. Just took a quick glance to see how Liberals are celebrating their momentous victory and I came across this:

  8. Why are Libs patting themselves on the back?

    LibDipper combined only have 111 votes,
    and only 105 (75 Libs 30 Dips) of them voted to save the LGR

    the Bloc carried the day with all 48 of them showing up.
    Without the separatists,
    chretien's legacy was gone.

  9. Iggy showed strong leadership tonight. Does not bode well for us in a campaign. We need to get our act together, it's been a horrid summer and now we've lost this vote.

  10. Anonymous (7:14), I don't think it is accurate for you to use the word "we". The fact that you are located in Montreal does make me suspicious that you are a Conservative.

  11. Iggy showed strong leadership?!? Really?!? The very fact that he had to whip his caucus to vote a certain way on a Private Members Bill reeks of weakness.

  12. I think anon is confusing leadership with ruthlessness,
    just like when Iffy captured the Liberal crown by manipulating the LPC to toss Dion under the bus, that was ruthless.

    Now that the Dippers have gone all urban,
    they could win some Liberals seats, particularly in Quebec,
    and lose some to the CPC in rural Canada.

    That doesn't bode well for Iffy in the coalition numbers game.