Monday, September 27, 2010

Is What's Good For Ford Good For Harper?

When Conservative Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford first took the lead in the polls, many pundits on the left began to scramble over a possible right shift in the heart of the Liberal Party. Some even tried to suggest that the right shift was actually bad for the federal party, because they call it an "anti-establishment" protest as opposed to a sea change in Toronto politics. I'm curious, if Rob Ford loses, then is that good for Stephen Harper? If you claim Ford's victory would be bad news for Harper, then shouldn't his loss then be considered good news, or do you get to have it both ways? A new poll suggests that the race for mayor is much closer than originally anticipated, and I'm wondering if Smitherman wins, will the voices on the left start ringing Hell's Bells about terrible news for Liberals?

Do you think that if Shawn Graham has won tonight that Liberals would be claiming a victory nationally? Absolutely they would, instead they are crediting the loss to a single issue and saying that it in no way tarnishes the federal Liberal brand. Liberals have a terrible showing on Election Day, and somehow this is good news for Liberals? They call it a vote against "big government", as though voting Tory provincially is bad news for Tories federally. They want it both ways.


  1. The media cheerleaders in the Liberal camps has a script that has failed. They are trying to reboot it with Liberal being economic managers.

    The Chretien-Martin Liberal gutted Health care, Education and Social Services in realm of $ 25 Billion.

    Since 2006 the CPC have been paying down the debt, restoring the deep cuts, restore our military and infrastructure neglected by the Enron-Liberal accountants.

    They brag about the surplus as if it was their money. The brag about the pain and cutbacks in the provinces because it was necessary and a tough decision.

    They changed EI so those who paid into it could not qualify. They neglected the Maple Three Reactors that were to replace the aging Chalk River facility. They sent our troops in harms way without the proper equipment.

    I believe Canadians know the truth of the harm by the Liberals and in the next election Dion 26.3% popular support will become 25%-23%.

    All other parties will pick up support at the Liberal expense.

    The cheerleaders for Liberals don't see it.

  2. 'They brag about the surplus as if it was their money'

    That surplus was simply the left overs from the raided $54 Billion from EI fund,
    Martin kept a bit of the cash handy, fully expecting to win the election.
    Had he known an election loss was coming,
    he would have spent that too.

    Once the CPC took over, they took that $15 B Martin 'surplus' and doubled it,
    then paid down the national debt by over $30 Billion.

  3. A good question and the answer is yes we can have it both ways.

    On a micro level Torontonians are having open and sometimes hostile debates with each other over the Rob Ford one man Tea Party phenomenon. The mad as hell segment has had enough of drunken spending and are telling the progressives we don’t care if your image of a Mayor is based emotional issues; we want reckless spending curtailed pronto and government unions need to be told they are working for us to pick up the garbage and run the TTC. Their days of being Miller’s pets are over.

    Therefore Councilors are watching this and are climbing on board openly now with Ford. Whereas previously he was literally called a “buffoon” by the Miller executive insiders who ruled Toronto.

    Thus even if Smitherman wins ( and he might given the funding and support from the ruling class Liberals and Red Tories and free MSM support) he will now be more inclined to do the necessary outsourcing. But hopefully Ford will get in as he took the risk and deserves the opportunity. However, even if he loses he will have made a significant contribution to Toronto. Plus the reality is, the progressives have run out of other people’s money. So the jig is up. And we the people have recognized our own power which will lead to what comment #1 says.


  4. Are those polls showing the race tightening the same ones who said, as late as the polls closing, that it was too close to call.

  5. Wilson, that is a good point that the Tories paid down billions in debt prior to the global recession.