Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stephen Harper: General Manager Of Montreal Canadiens?

I was surprised to learn this week that the political federalists have allegedly been involved in personnel decisions for the Montreal Canadians; purposely shunning francophone players for non-francophones in a secret attempt to rob Quebec of its cultural heritage. For those who believe that Stephen Harper is a professional brain washer with a hidden agenda, it is entirely plausible that the PM has seized control of roster decisions from GM Bob Gainey (who has since been replaced by another supposedly federalist sock puppet). Although you wonder if the team's goal was to collect non-francophone players, they might have held on to playoff hero Jaroslav Halak. With a player of that caliber around, I'm sure it would only be a matter of time before young Canadien fans were speaking Slovakian on the streets of Montreal...


  1. The site is testy again, Ice. I tried to comment, yada,yada,yada....

    As far as the topic, this has been sarcastically discussed on a few radio shows today because 'Pauline' is just so over the top and unrealistic in Quebec.

    However, I am getting the sense from those same talk show that Quebeckers are starting to push back and the Federalists, want CANADA.

    If they are hearing us in the ROC, I will be there.
    My first, second and third..comment was much better, trust me.

  2. Oh gawd,
    the new Quebec Tea Party must have spooked Gilles.

    First PMSH was accused by the seppies,
    of trying to brainwash grade eight students with 'propaganda' about Canada, and now this!

    Bring out straight jackets and clown suits,
    the seppies can take their pick.

  3. Racist Separatists singing the same old song, I wonder if the tribe is still listening.

  4. The PM is a Jedi Master and apparently up to his mind tricks again of purging the Habs.

    The Jedi council will send some knights out to investigate the rumours of a Sith lord.

    ( I enjoy the cultural race card being played out by the left-desperate times)