Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iggy Skipping Votes, Strong Leadership In Action

After coming out this morning saying the Bloc's EI 360 bill was "fiscally irresponsible", Ignatieff skipped out of the House when it was voted on today and 80% of his caucus voted in favour of the fiscally irresponsible legislation. If the economy and the deficit are such critically important issues, how do you abstain on a vote that would cost billions of dollars that you deem to be irresponsible? Is this what you call strong leadership? Flip flopping then sneaking out the back door when it is time to vote does not sound like the kind of person I want running the government in challenging economic times. Is Iggy saying that 80% of his caucus is fiscally irresponsible?

Ignatieff has been one of the most absent MPs on votes in the legislature since becoming Liberal leader. Canadians elect members of parliament to VOTE on their behalf in parliament. That is the social contract between citizens and their elected politicians. Do the people of Etobicoke Lakeshore not have an opinion on employment insurance eligibility?


  1. Perhaps Ignatieff left early to visit Sea World with Rick Mercer?

  2. So legislation Iffy was willing to bring down the govt on last year, and that could cost the taxpayers $6 Billion,
    is a free vote.

    But the Long Gun Registry vote is whipped.
    Yah, not a leader.

    How many Liberals had Hallway duty today>
    I see Gerard Kennedy's open door for war resistors did not pass 2nd reading, Liberals had already left the building.

    Not to mention the suppy bill, passed easily,
    so that means the Iffy coalition has confidence in the Harper Govt.

  3. The Liberal party of Canada- the party of No.Despite that i predict no election this year or next.Too much flip flopping on the liberals part.And the NDP arent even on the radar for the PMO.