Saturday, September 18, 2010

Coming Soon: Canadian Parliament

Just a few more sleeps until MPs are back in the House of Commons voting on legislation. The CBC is asking its viewers which issue is most important to them, and I am curious to know what you think; so today's poll question is a rip off of a CBC poll question "What issue is most important to you as MPs get back to work?" You are encouraged to visit the CBC website and register a vote. Evidently Afghan prisoner transfers and the purchase of F-35 jet fighters are not high on anyone's priority list (except maybe opposition members).

I added arena funding and African abortions as additional options which were not asked in the CBC poll. I am interested to see the contrast between the CBC audience and the Blogging Tory audience. Thus far the results of the CBC poll are:

Government transparency/accountability 33.5% (471 votes)
The economy/unemployment 24.32% (342 votes)
The mandatory long-form census 10.81% (152 votes)
Healthcare/pharmacare 9.89% (139 votes)
The federal long-gun registry 8.61% (121 votes)
Spending cuts/the deficit 7.47% (105 votes)
Defence/military/F-35 contract 2.84% (40 votes)
Afghan detainee transfers 2.56% (36 votes)

Total Votes: 1,406


  1. Actually immigration is my priority. Time to turn off the taps on Muslim immigration.

  2. It's our abuse-friendly system that has to stop, not immigration.
    Tho not top of my list, would defintely like to see the dual citizenship rules change to more 'responsibility' and less 'rights' of citizens, especially for those who leave.

  3. we have more than enough people in canada. stop killing our own in the womb and we will not need to import criminals from other countries.

  4. Nice try troll.

    Government transparency/accountability 33.5%
    number 1, eh.

    Canadians want more influence in running the country, that's a good thing,
    and bodes well for a government that listens to the people rather than the 'elites' and special interest experts.