Monday, September 27, 2010

Tories Crush Liberals In New Brunswick

With the votes now being counted in New Brunswick's provincial election, early results indicate that Conservative David Alward is the new Premier in a crushing defeat of Liberal incumbent Shawn Graham. As of 8pm eastern time, the Tories have pulled 50% of the popular vote, up from the 47% collected in 2006 by Bernard Lord. The federal Tories scored 39% of the popular vote in NB during the 2008 federal election. Does this victory signal part of a greater surge in Conservative support throughout the Atlantic provinces? The Tories already hold a majority of the NB seats in Ottawa, and only have 1-3 additional seats to possibly gain if only New Brunswick is shifting to the right.

The Tories are weaker in Newfoundland (17% in 2008) and Nova Scotia (26% in 2008), and those will have to be where the gains are made if the party would like to add a significant number of Atlantic seats.


  1. Public anger in BC, Ontario and NB because of Liberal flip flopping and tax hikes.

    And the CPC has a room full of clips of Iffy Liberals flip flopping and calling for the GST tax hike!

  2. "Does this victory signal part of a greater surge in Conservative support throughout the Atlantic provinces?"

    No. This was by and large a single-issue election, and said issue was confined to the provincial level. It won't move the federal results in NB when the next federal one comes around.

  3. Hydro Sale? Flip flopping Liberals HST, Gun Registry it adds up.

    Big Government proponents are going to meet a Tim Horton's Party

    Yes a Blue Wave is coming and the left and their cheerleaders are very scared.

  4. I know the east coast, don't touch their guns, don't even look at them,they are sacred. That was perfect timing.

  5. A right wing candidate is absolutley crushing his opponents and is about to become the mayor of Liberal Toronto. A Liberal premier was defeated for his bid for re-election for the first time in NB history - since Confederation.

    Are the Liberals scared tonight? Did the polls in NB come anywhere close to predicting this? What about federally?

    Watch the deafening silence of the Liblogs tonight. You bet your ass they are. :D

  6. Watching the silence on CTV news net! barely a mention of PC majority in New Brunswick. Nothing on CPAC and nothing on CBC news net. I remember Don Newman was on for hours with Toronto elites praising Shawn Graham when he defeated Bernard Lord.