Thursday, September 30, 2010

War Deserters Not Welcome

Gerard Kennedy's dream of making Canada a sanctuary for international war deserters died yesterday in the House of Commons. Too many of his colleagues skipped out of work early that his bill died on the floor. It would appear that Gerry doesn't have much influence over the Liberal caucus. Gerard had previously said "I am honoured to speak to a bill that requires the Conservative government to take into account the opinion of Canadians regarding the war in Iraq". Maybe Gerard didn't hear, but Obama has declared the war in Iraq over.

Jason Kenney tweeted after the vote "why do Liberal MPs believe that President Barack Obama persecutes deserters? That's the implication of their support for Bill C-440."


  1. There is nothing lower than a soldier leaving his comrades in the lurch..

    If ideological disagreements with your govt is what brought you to desert, than perhaps you should have thought of the possible ramifications of your actions before you joined the military..

  2. Gerard lost by 7 votes. Iggy, LeBlanc, Sgro, Martin, McCallum, Dhalla, and Garneau had already slipped away for Happy Hour when it came time to vote.

  3. I guess 'I Ruby' will not be counting on Gerard's vote for her 'bring your Grandma here and get money for nothing' bill then eh! LOL

  4. Iggy !? ..slipped away from a vote!? I am shocked!!